Money Today Archive April 6, 2008 Issue

Edition: April 6, 2008

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Summer chic

Summer’s here and while we hate so many things about the season (the heat and dust and the power cuts that affect even the richest of Indians; well, after a fashion)—it’s also the time when fashion gets cooler and bright colours make an appearance everywhere, from the office to the cocktail party.
  • Dark desire Its dark, titillates the senses and raises your spirits to new heights. Sit back and enjoy the magic of black vodka.
  • Single Malts to die for India’s only ‘Malt Maniac’ Krishna Nukala on the best whiskies under Rs 4,000.
  • The finest casual trousers A great shirt gets lost if the trousers look sloppy or fit badly. Choose your trousers with care.
  • The best dhabas near you Driving to a town a few hours from your home? Chances are you will feel hungry on the way. Check out the finest dhabas that are sure to make you want to drive down the same route again.
  • Get yourself a work(out) buddy Work on your fitness and stay in shape with a friend who trains with you and motivates you every inch of the way.
  • Flip flop flip They let your feet breathe and look really classy at the same time. Find out which are the hottest flip-flops to look cool in.
  • What's the good style? Pleats or flat fronts—which one should you wear on a formal occasion?
  • The long and short of it Shorts are great casual wear in summer. But getting the length right is as important as choosing the right colours and styles.
  • Hot off the shelves The season just got hotter with these brand new launches that promise to leave you begging for more.
  • A call to arms They are true stories of people involved in real battles and conflicts. These three books provide rare insights into the lives of courageous Indians.
  • The fastest cars in India If you have a passion for speed, it doesn’t get any better than this.
  • All together now! What’s the future of rock’n’roll? That’s an old question, and it remains a vital one because there are no definite answers. In this issue, we put the spotlight on two Canadian bands (or collectives), which seem to provide an interesting answer: community.
  • Go Polo The classic polo T-shirt can really make you look smart, if you know which colours or designs suit you best.
  • The sandwich unwrapped Sandwiches are also very often the best quick lunch option for busy executives. Here’s a look at some great choices.
  • Ode to the Oyster Raw or cooked, oysters are considered an aphrodisiac and are sought after and consumed from Florida to Beijing. India is finally waking up to this tempting seafood.
  • A colourful summer As you pack your mufflers and mittens, don’t dig for last year’s summer garments. This season calls for a new wardrobe.
  • Cool under the collar Summer’s the time to try out some trendy but smart-fitting casual shirts. Go for these beauties.
  • Best suited for summer Want to look dapper at work and play? Linen jackets are what you should be seen wearing this summer.
  • Stun the sun Beat the heat and look cool with these smart new sunglasses that make you look your best even on a hot summer day.
  • Weekend hideways Take a weekend off for a short, laidback family vacation close to the city you live in. Find out how to go and what to do in these five amazing weekend getaways, from someone who has been there to chill out.
  • Something special in Kiwiland The Pinot Noir, a fruit-forward (read: fruity), light-to-medium red wine (actually, the New Zealand variety is full-bodied), from both Marlborough and Central Otago, has won the hearts of critics and consumers alike.

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