Money Today Archive August 10, 2008 Issue

Edition: August 10, 2008

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Vikrant Singh

Green conscience

The new Civic Hybrid from the Honda stable is a noiseless car that costs a bomb but promises better fuel efficiency and lesser emissions. But, is it worth the dough? We drove it across town to find out.
  • Bag 'em all! Shoes, bags, neckpieces, luxurious bedroom accessories and even state-of-the-art furniture —there’s a lot that’s new this fortnight in the world of luxury.
  • Definitely a first! Is India’s newest fitness club really worth all the hype? Jamal Shaikh does an anonymous review.
  • Five things you didn't know about Selvage Denim It’s the most expensive denim in the world. We tell you why it’s also the best.
  • Million-dollar babe Four years after this dusky beauty rocked the Indian modelling industry with her “young and innocent” looks, Vipasha Agarwal continues to be among the country’s highest-paid models. We spent a couple of days in her company to discover what makes her so desirable.
  • Most sought-after faces In a crowd of wannabe models waiting to walk the ramp, a few beautiful women still hold their own. We met these fabulous models to find out what makes them tick.
  • High five Fancy yourself as a true whisky connoisseur? These five rare whiskies are a must in your home bar, says Mahesh Mishra.
  • A suite in the sky Lying on a Givenchy-designed flat bed inside a first class suite on Singapore Airlines’ inaugural Airbus A380 flight to Tokyo, one gets a taste of true luxury in the air. The food, conceived by Michelin-starred chefs, and the wines from around the world make it a truly magical experience.
  • 'Spirited' to the core “Hunt elephants, don’t shoot ants,” says Asif Adil as we discuss life’s many mysteries over a drink. And the MD of Diageo India gives us many fascinating insights into his colourful life.
  • The best wine bars Want to try out that great Sauvignon Blanc from Meerlust that you have just read about? We tell you where to go for your next meal if you are a true wine connoisseur.
  • Footloose in magical Mykonos Whether it’s a suntan on a golden beach, some great food or just a pleasant walk through whitewashed stone alleys that you are looking for—Mykonos has it all. Sanjoy Narayan discovers the well-kept secrets of this Greek island.
  • The million-dollar event You can have as many multimillion dollar events as you want, but there is no taking away from the national open. Call me oldfashioned, but for me that is ‘the’ tournament because it packs history and there is a certain amount of prestige attached to winning your national championship.
  • Cars of tomorrow There are some hot wheels already on the road, which nearly drive by themselves, maintaining distance from the car in front, and slowing and accelerating when required.
  • Beyond the pod There is the Apple iPod. And then there are the rest. Here are four of the best gadgets you can buy, which can, in fact, do things the Pod cannot.
  • Changing sounds In the career of every platinum-selling artiste comes a time when they reinvent their sound in an attempt to stay creatively alive. And at such times they turn towards a maverick producer for help. We take a look at three modern makeovers.
  • Bring out the riesling It used to be said that a wine of a region pairs best only with its food, so the ease with which a Riesling, a cold-weather grape, marries with North Indian staples is a divine mystery, because no two cooking styles are as different from each other as German and ours.
  • A Funny Thing Called Life The first, a funny and racy story from an acclaimed writer. The second, a mesmerising and heart-wrenching debut novel. This fortnight’s offerings, based on the lives of different sets of young women, promise to make your weekend enjoyable.
  • The Chocolate Man Man Mickael Besse has created magic with chocolates for over a decade. He tells you a few tricks from his armoury.

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