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Edition: August 23, 2009

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The sports watch

It’s true that half the people who wear diving watches have never even dreamed of donning a snorkel. It’s the same as Land Rover owners — most of them have never driven off road, and don’t really fancy it.
  • Miniature marvels Minute repeaters, perpetual calendars and the majestic gyrotourbillon—for the serious watch connoisseur, it’s all about la grande complication.
  • The classic When you want your watch to look, well, like a watch, with the 12 digits and the dial and the hands tick-tocking their way around, then you’re looking for a classic style.
  • The watchlist Never again lament that there’s not enough beauty in the world.
  • Bring on the bling Slim wrists, expensive appetites and a fascination with sparkly objects—it’s little wonder that women are as obsessed with watches as men are.
  • The horolophile's handbook Don’t know your Tourbillon from your Rattrapante? Don’t worry, help is on the way.
  • Complex characters When a watch reveals its mechanism, the hundreds of moving parts, the intricate morass of cogs, levers and unspeakably rapid vibrations, the watchmaker is displaying his extravagant prowess.
  • The beast The new Toyota Land Cruiser might just be the greatest SUV on the market.
  • Wet weather friends Don’t be caught in the downpour without these stylish coats.
  • Pack the perfect kit It always pays to have a neatly-packed washbag.
  • Letter from the Editor In the world of luxury goods, the watch obsessive is a rare and curious animal. He seems to understand that luxury speaks to not only the best aspects of our character, but also the worst.
  • The joy of shopping From suits and ties to strappy high-heels, the new collections from these designer brands make sure you step out in style.
  • High concept Thirty years after The Wall, the concept album finds itself alive and kicking. Well, almost.
  • Earth song In an ecologically unstable world, here’s a great chance to get under the skin of our blue planet.
  • Launchpad calendar: Aug 9 - Sept 6 What’s new and what’s happening this month.
  • Review: Mrinal Sen, sixty years in search of cinema In the usual debates on modern Indian and Bengali cinema, Satyajit Ray and Ritwik Ghatak are rightly praised for their unique vision and craft, but the man who most often gets left out is the legendary Mrinal Sen.
  • The books that shaped my life Every issue, we ask prominent businessmen about the books that made them the people they are today. This month: Ankur Bhatia, Executive Director, Bird Group.
  • The art of patronage Who said that corporations and art can never mix? Corporate patronage of the arts is a wonderful thing when it’s done right.
  • Make a splash with water sports Aqua training works for people of all ages and sizes. Go on, get your feet wet.
  • Finland: The day that never ends Nudists, the Northern Lights and a sun that never sets — Finland is a wonderfully surreal country to visit.
  • Raima Sen on what men should be like Raima Sen, the elder daughter of ’80s star Moon Moon Sen is single, living in Mumbai and carving her niche in Bengali cinema.
  • Not just for your 'lady wife' It’s not for nothing that sherry is described as a neglected wine treasure.
  • Appetite: Metro watch Sevilla at the Claridges Hotel has been a romantic haunt for years. But how’s the food?
  • The Independence special On Independence Day this month, restaurants across the country are celebrating the flavours of India with a series of one-off brunches.
  • What's cooking? When you have a restaurant as authentic as China Kitchen, and a cuisine as broad as Cantonese, changing the menus is no simple affair.

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