Money Today Archive August 24, 2008 Issue

Edition: August 24, 2008

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Anusha Subramanian

Most luxurious yachts

There are yachts and then there are the really extravagant, gigantic, luxury yachts.We take a look at who owns the finest things to set sail on high seas.
  • A fleet at your beck and call We have heard of a car pool. But a yacht pool? That’s exactly what India’s first yacht timeshare club is aiming to do.
  • Dream boats To put it simply, these are the best yachts that you can buy in India. We cruised on the Arabian Sea to check out some of these fabulous water babies that the super-rich crave to own.
  • Gallic revenge The French were in for a rude shock. A jury, drawn from the most hallowed establishments of French wine snobbery, rated two Californian newbies as the best in their category. The French media ignored the event.
  • The ultimate crab Love crabmeat but don’t know how the chefs manage to tame those claws? Executive Chef Walter Lanfranchi tells you how to make a great crab dish at home.
  • The inscrutable Indian He is 36, single, and a workaholic.We invited Shailesh Rao, the suave Managing Director of Google’s India arm for a drink, only to discover an American citizen who’s an Indian at heart; one who loves his dosa, adores Amitabh Bachchan and has a collection of Amar Chitra Katha comics.
  • The waistcoat returns Fuelled by movie and music stars, waistcoats have made a huge comeback.We take a look at three different ways to wear designer waistcoats.
  • The best buys It’s boom time for the luxury market yet again. Check out what’s new in the stores this fortnight.
  • Macho machines Being fit is not just about bulging biceps.Try these new gizmos at state-of-the-art gyms in your city to feel on top of the world.
  • For the love of A song Recording a song isn’t just about getting the sound right or having a great voice. We learnt how it’s done at Mumbai’s state-of-the-art Blue Frog Studios, to let you in on a few secrets.
  • A cheesy tale When it comes to a true cheese legend, Australian Will Studd has few competitors. An award-winning author, Studd was named a Maitre Fromager (Master of Cheese) by France’s Guild des Fromagers. We caught up with him when he was in Delhi to talk about iconic varieties of cheese, and the wines that go with them.
  • TV delights International TV series like Twin Peaks and Friends have long enthralled us. In this issue, we take a look at three modern TV hits that are now available on DVD
  • Frozen on the Links Playing conditions at Birkdale, for most of this year's British Open, were similar. You might argue that the players here were the world’s best but you really have to sample those conditions firsthand to appreciate the show put up by Padraig Harrington, and more so by Greg Norman, at age 53.
  • Romancing the seine Powerful kings and rulers of France made it their second home as did celebrated painters. The twin towns of Moretsur-Loing and Fontainebleau, surrounded by forests, rivers, palaces and rich in history, are gems waiting to be discovered, barely an hour away from the centre of Paris.
  • Love Bug It’s small, it’s expensive and not the ultimate in comfort either. But there’s something about the new Fiat 500 that will make you fall in love.
  • Haute horology Why does a watch cost the sky? Or Rs 67 lakh in this case? We decided to take apart de Grisogono’s new creation, the Instrumento Grande, to find out just that.
  • Changing sounds Where do you go when you’re an immensely successful rock star and have been there and done all that you ever dreamed of? Well, you start a side-project, which is nothing like your day job. This issue, we take a look at three side-projects that are getting as much attention as the real thing.
  • Cars of tomorrow-II India has had its share of electric vehicles, ranging from the Bajaj and Mahindra three-wheelers to the cute and chic, Reva city car. The world over, electric vehicles have been made in all shapes and sizes, from city buses to fancy sports cars
  • Silver appeal They are the latest and most exclusive line from the House of Vuitton and are already creating a buzz among LV addicts the world over.We tell you why The Monogramouflage and the Mahina make for prized possessions
  • Weave world Chuck that black leather belt when you wear your jeans. Let these casual woven belts weave their magic this season.
  • Terror tales We take a look at two gripping books—a work of fiction and another based on true events—which take us through the thrilling, though often horrifying, journey of life in a world where terror and terrorist attacks are everyday occurrences.

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