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Saurav Bhanot

Lights, Music, Party

Lights, Music, Party

Hard as it may seem, hosting a party doesn't necessarily have to be a nightmare. Some tips to organise a bash that will be the talk of the town this season.
    Speed Dates
    Events, festivals lined up around the world this December -
    Tuxedo jacket
    The tuxedo is one piece of outfit that will never go out of style, and no one knows it better than designer brand Alexander McQueen.
      Anindita Satpathi
      The Party Animal in You
      Take a peek at your personality type and find a niche for yourself in your city's vibrant nightlife.
      • Cocktail tales While some would object to 'contaminating' good liquor, you have to agree that a lip-smacking cocktail has its own merits.
      • Keeping it warm The new winter menu at Olive Bar and Kitchen, Mehrauli will stir your taste buds and satiate your soul!
      • Oriental Delights The Mekong Restaurant takes you on a delightful tour of all the places touched by a beautiful river.
      • 4 cool whisky stones Featuring a core filled with a non-toxic gel that chills it inside out, these whisky stones can keep your drink cold for three to five hours after being kept in the freezer just for an hour.
      • High on whisky David Robertson of Dalmore tells you how to make the best of your whisky investment without slipping into the drink.
      • The Art of Pouring Beer The glass should lie flat when it becomes full, with about one-and-a-half inch of head at the top. Wait a few seconds for the head to settle before drinking.
      • To wine tasting parties With proper accompaniments and the right company, wine tasting can turn a long afternoon into an entertaining one. Host a wine tasting party, and spread the joy.
      • Night-trippin' If there's one thing Americans do well, it's party! The top three places they go to unwind.

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