Money Today Archive December 14, 2008 Issue

Edition: December 14, 2008

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Anumeha Chaturvedi, Anamika Butalia and Tejaswi Shekhawat


  • The beer hug The next time you order Thai Red Curry or a cold Chinese salad, ask for a German or Belgian wheat beer instead of a glass of wine.
  • Cricket's wine aficionado South African cricketer Jonty Rhodes, now a Partner and Director of the famous South African wine label 10 Chapters, tells Dhiman Chattopadhyay about the virtues of drinking wine and staying fit.
  • Truffle tales A fungus believed to have aphrodisiac qualities, the White Truffle has been a delicacy in Italy for centuries. Now that it has come to India, Anamika Butalia tries it out first hand.
  • Club class When it comes to credentials, Dr Wiren could very well be the biggest name in the business of golf instruction to visit India.
  • The homemaker Nothing says more about you than your home, but it’s sometimes difficult to translate your dreams into reality. We caught up with interior designer Vinita Chaitanya to get the ABCD of making your home feel like you.
  • Live It up! Beat the winter blues with these luxe buys.
  • Stars & cars When Cartier organised a display of 60 vintage cars in Mumbai recently, it drew a ritzy crowd, including Shah Rukh Khan, Prince Michael of Kent, no end of Maharajahs and the drummer for Pink Floyd. Anamika Butalia joined the party.
  • Sound Merchants Once knob twiddlers who kept to the shadows, the modern day pop producers are a breed apart—writing songs, mining beats and creating hits.
  • The high life Once you’ve experienced a private luxury jet, all you want is one of your own, reports
  • It's time to dress up! Once a year, when temperatures drop and the sun mellows, you go out and shop for winter clothes. The lower the temperature, the more you dress up. We give you a tour of the coolest styles available right now.
  • Luxury Leviathan
  • My own wine Kabuki

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