Money Today Archive December 16, 2007 Issue

Edition: December 16, 2007

BT More

Sourish Bhattacharya

The best Indian wines

India's wine industry is yet to outgrow its infancy, but some of our best wines can hold their own against more celebrated rivals.

  • 'Booked' for the weekend Spending the weekend relaxing at home and don’t really have anything to read? Here are excerpts from three new books—all of which take you on journeys not just to different lands but also to different eras.
  • A beer drinker's delight This guy downs a pint before you can say ‘wow’. BT More got Martin da Costa to taste the best new foreign beers in India and deliver his verdict.
  • Let the spirits flow There is a nip in the air and this is indeed the time to throw those lavish garden parties. And what better way to impress your guests than to mix some exotic cocktails that are particularly suited for winter. BT More sweet-talked a few experts to share their secret cocktail recipes for our readers.
  • Eyeing the Indian pie BT More looks at a couple of multinational bigwigs who have launched Indian wines in recent times.
  • Know your cocktail glasses So, you know your Bahama Mama from your Mint Julep but would like to improve your knowledge on the right cocktail glass to serve the poison? Here's a look at the glasses that can make or break your cocktails.
  • Burn that belly fat Sick and tired of those usual stomach crunches and people telling you to lose flab? Here are five exercises that will change the way your stomach looks and feels. So, get down to it and get started.
  • In the lap of luxury This winter, choose from a range of watches, perfumes, shoes and other items which are high on desirability.
  • Bangalore's pub culture: Then and now It’s not just about beer and music any longer in Bangalore, as India’s Pub City has now become home to a wide assortment of lounge bars, restobars and cigar lounges.
  • Warm it up Long misty days and icy winds are often the norm if you are going up north for a holiday this winter. But hey, that’s no reason to worry, as long as you have the correct set of second skins. This issue, we tell you about two winter icons—the parka and the overcoat.
  • Seductive wheels Ah! To own that ultimate luxury on wheels-feels like heaven, doesn't it? So, what stopping you? Check out what's on offer from the BMW stable. BT More test drove all of them and came back mighty impressed. Kushan Mitra
  • Walk the vine(s) Chic and posh are two words often associated with wine. But how is it made? Rahul Sachitanand spent some time at Grover Vineyards to find out.
  • Wine needs pampering They are expensive and delicate. And faulty storage can turn your favourite red wine into vinegar. So, what do you do if you don’t have a cellar at home? Read on and pick up a few crucial tips on how to store your wine as well as other liquor bottles.

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