Money Today Archive December 30, 2007 Issue

Edition: December 30, 2007

BT More

Bibek Bhattacharya

The smart dressing guide

BT More consults experts and gives you a preview of the hottest dressing trends in 2008.
  • Designers to watch

    Who will be the next big names in the Indian fashion scene? BT More spoke to some leading designers and industry watchers to find out.

  • Gadgets of 2008 If you thought that 2007 provided a bumper crop of gadgets, then 2008 is likely to be an even bigger year. And we are not even talking of the second iteration of the iPhone. Big gadgets, small gadgets, we have them all here.
  • Fit as a fiddle Get in shape in the months to come with the latest in freehand exercises, bodybuilding machines and diets.
  • The coolest way to be entertained at home It’s going to be a ‘leap year’ all right for personal entertainment. BT More tells you what will make you want to stay at home in 2008.
  • Yours for Rs 10 Lakh A million bucks goes a long way. It can buy you, among other things, a suite on the new Airbus A380 or a brand new watch. Read on to find out what else it can get you.
  • For a few lakhs more… We told you what you can own for a million bucks. Care to spend a little bit more? Check out our list of six fabulous creations which you can call yours in 2008.
  • Get seen here! Here are two new hot spots in Delhi and Bangalore you should definitely check out.
  • Going bubbly Good sparkling wine as an ingredient in your food? BT More gets Chef de Cuisine of Moët & Chandon Bernard Dance to tell you just how to whip up some mouth-watering dishes by adding a dash of the bubbly.
  • It's Korean and it's hot We unravel the secrets of the increasingly popular Korean cuisine.
  • How to breeze through bingeing Having trouble getting up and going to work after a night of wild partying? Get up and get sorted with these easy-to-follow remedies.
  • 'Flick' them on Watch these much talked about movies, now available on DVD.
  • The cord files

    Of course, you can look smart in corduroy trousers or jackets. Its weight makes corduroy the perfect fabric for winter. This season, you can try a few new things to wow your colleagues and friends at work or at a party.

  • The blue waters beckon Get enchanted by the blue waters this winter and experience the luxury that comes with an old-world voyage. Take your pick from some of the most exclusive cruises from across the world.
  • The magical subcontinent There is so much to learn about the culture, arts and the natural wonders that the Indian subcontinent boasts of. Read these three great new books to find out.
  • Les desirables Bring in the New Year by taking your pick from these exclusive items for yourself and your home.

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