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Jimmy J

Call it quits in style

Call it quits in style

A Jerry Maguire exit may not be the best way to leave your job in real life. An eight-point checklist to ensure that you do not burn any bridges as you bid an old job adieu.

Jimmy J
Go Goa Gone
Looking for your next holiday destination? Why go abroad when the world's coming down here, to our very own Portuguese paradise.

  • Of exotic lands Soul-soothing and heart-warming, our pick of luxury destinations has something for everyone - nature lovers, adventurers and history buffs.
Jimmy Jacob
This is a Job for Super-App
Whether it's burglars knocking at your door or a fire in your bedroom, the new app holds the key to nearly every door of self-preservation.    
Saurav Bhanot
The cosy interiors of K3 put you at ease, making you feel at home
The restaurant caters to taste buds as vibrant as the ethnicity of its food.
A style guide for men this season
They say clothes maketh a man, and they aren't wrong. Stock up your wardrobe with the season's finest, and become the style icon you were always meant to be.

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