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Culture And The City

Culture And The City

Londonderry defeats Birmingham, Sheffield and Norwich to become the UK's first Capital of Culture for 2013.
  • The Social Network Shital Kakkar Mehra, founder, Soft Skills International feels striking a fine balance between listening and speaking is critical for leveraging business deals.
Anushree Basu-Bhalla
oman-Irish Friedrichsbad
This elegant spa town in Swabia warrants a worthy stopover on your next business trip to Germany.
  • All aboard The RMS Queen Elizabeth II cruiseship will be given a second lease of life after being transformed into a floating hotel by its owners in Dubai.
  • Tee off in Turkey If you're looking for the ideal golfing getaway, head to Turkey's rich Antalya region for a perfect round. Who knows, you could strike the perfect business deal as well!
To compensate for falling sales in Europe and China, Lamborghini is now looking to expand in Asian markets and has opened a second dealership in India, where the number of millionaires are expected to more than double by 2015.
  • Preserving the Sistine Chapel If the rigorous screening process at airports makes you grimace, your next visit to the Sistine Chapel will make it seem like cakewalk.
  • The Least Healthy Jobs Everyone has to sacrifice something to earn a living. But is a great salary worth sacrificing your number one asset-your health? It's time to weigh your options more carefully.
  • The E-Workout partner Fitness Buddy by Azumio could easily be the cheapest, most effective alternative to that expensive personal fitness trainer you were thinking about.
  • Does green tea help in losing weight? Green tea has several undoubted health benefits but a debate has risen around claims that it can aid weight loss.
  • Gadget care on the go Rohit Chaudhary, founder and CEO,, gives tips on how to keep your gadgets in mint condition.
  • Best gadgets to simplify your life From a gadget that gives you the perfect coffee in the morning, to essential work tech, at-home fitness assistants and the very best in home entertainment, there's a gadget to match every whim and mood.
  • Wizards of Sound Bang & Olufsen open the doors to their high-tech factory. We find out what's behind their stunning audio systems.
  • Pick up speed Here are a few handy tips to improve your cycling speed and peddle your way to improved endurance.
  • My stuff Rajat Jain, MD, Xerox India shares his favourite stuff
Hitani Kaur
The Dirty Martini
Another flamboyant new entrante on Delhi's nightlife circuit misses the mark, but hints at potential in the months to come.
  • Pressure on the brain A bowl of cereals is a great start to any day. The key is to avoid the kinds that are high on sugar. Here is a list of healthy cereals and serving suggestions.
  • Laze in the Sun The Sunday brunch at Az Bar by blueFROG, Delhi, is real value for money and a great way to bond with the family.
  • Food trends in 2013 Resulting from serious amounts of research, the Food & Beverage Specialty Team of MSLGROUP have summed up emerging trends in the food industry; here's the latest you need to get in on.

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