Money Today Archive Feb 5, 2012 Issue

Edition: Feb 5, 2012

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Anushree Basu Bhalla

HeartMate II

Medical innovations that promise easy lives

Eight cutting-edge innovations in the field of medical science that promise to make our lives easier.
  • How to save yourself from online fraud Don't take online fraud lightly. As the stakes are getting higher and we show you how stay on guard online.
  • Health and wellness snippets A recent study has found that those with low salt levels in their diet were actually at greater risk of cardiovascular death and congestive heart disease.
  • Abu Dhabi: A favourite with Indians Abu Dhabi's spectacular, adrenaline-filled adventures make it the perfect weekend getaway for Indian travellers.
  • Pick the best app for yourself Here's our pick of the best travel, fashion, gaming and luxury apps as millions of apps fight for space on our handheld devices.
  • Fighting fit Kalli Purie's memoir is a rollicking ride on the ups and downs of weight loss, and why it's all finally worthwhile.
  • Manual Do it yourself guide on talking on table, massage, stained glass art, working in India and many more.
  • My stuff Sula Vineyards' owner Rajeev Samant on his favourite things.
  • The Gentleman Designer The man who launched a million colourful striped shirts, Sir Paul Smith gets nostalgic about setting up shop in London in the 70s and about finally being cool with the multi-millionaire clothing impresario tag.
  • Are fad diets really worth a try? Science or pseudo-science? Here's exploring a contemporary phenomenon that puts a radical spin on cutting back calories.
  • New products in the market The launch of a new range of whiskies from The Dalmore is guaranteed to push the traditional boundaries of excellence in whisky making.
  • Take a look at smart cities The city of the future is smart in every aspect; clean energy, super infrastructure and advanced technology. Take a look at what's to come.
  • Social Mores Taking Manhattan's NoMad district from derelict to cool and spunky, a new 600-room hotel is all set to become the crowning glory of the area.
  • Books that shaped my life Sanjay Tripathy, EVP & Head Marketing, HDFC Life talks about the books that have made him what he is today.
  • Digital Technology: Problem of plenty While technology promised to simplify life, it has instead made it more complicated. Wind your way through this digital labyrinth where there is a problem of plenty. The solution? Streamline rather than multiply.
  • Mastering art of watchmaking Crafted and calibrated to perfection, Ulysse Nardin continues to evolve the tradition and science of complication watchmaking.
  • Restaurant reviews: Silver Beach Cafe, AUMA, Amour Silver Beach Cafe offers a warm setting and delicious food to kill a quiet day in Maximum City.
  • Shanghai's Fairmont Peace hotel welcomes all The Fairmont Peace Hotel in Shanghai welcomes luxury tourists, business visitors, and also time travellers.

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