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Edition: Feb 8, 2009

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Anumeha Chaturvedi

Go Gucci

Travel in style with Viaggio, the new range of travel accessories from Gucci.
  • Plantation life In Jorhat, you can immerse yourself in the forgotten history of Assam and the life of a plantation “Burra Sahib” all in a weekend.
  • Pack it up! Travel in style with these holiday essentials.
  • Ssh peaceful We start our weekend breaks package in the North of India, in the nation’s favourite destination state, Rajasthan. The Amanbagh Resort is only five hours from Delhi, and it provides a luxury experience like no other. What’s more, it’s offering a 40 per cent discount to Indian nationals. Sanjiv Bhattacharya experiences the magic.
  • The Capella constellation No weekend destination story would be complete without Goa, but there’s more to Goa than just beach. Deepti Datt heads into the forests to a super-exclusive but homely B&B favoured by movie stars and celebrities. Just watch out for the monkeys.
  • Coffee buzz Wake up in Coorg and get intoxicated by nature.
  • Knit picks If it’s winter, then it has to be knitwear. Six great styles
  • Paint It black There’s something inherently powerful about the colour of the season.
  • Weekends with the wall When it comes to kicking back for the weekend, it’s all about understatement not extravagance for Rahul Dravid.
  • Letter from the Editor Was it Oscar Wilde or John Abraham who said “the only way to survive life in an Indian metro is to escape now and again. And again and again”? Whomever it was, he was spot on. At times like these, we need to preserve our sanity.
  • Get the party started! From celebrity DJs, to Bollywood A-listers, here’s what you need to throw that dream party.
  • Sounds like you know about… Sushi Don’t know your maki from your sashimi? Don’t worry, you can always bluff it.
  • My stuff It’s luxury brands all the way for Sanjay Sharma, Country Manager, Crystallized Swarovski Elements.
  • February 2009 What’s new and what’s happening this month
  • Launch pad What's new in your world
  • A manageable monster The Mercedes SL 63 AMG is brutally fast, offensively expensive, but surprisingly easy to drive.
  • The box set Five Wongs make a right with this latest box set. Here is what’s in store
  • Screen giants As television screens get bigger and bigger, they appeal only to airports and crazy people. And that’s a good thing.
  • Beauty and loneliness Hong Kong’s acclaimed auteur Wong Kar-Wai is a master of great technical virtuosity. A box-set of his films now available in India.
  • Baroque roll Complex beats? Multi-part harmonies? Lush strings? Unforgettable melodies? Sounds like Baroque Pop!
  • The Jeev show Short dresses, long-tanned legs, high heels and Prada shades mingled with crusty footwear, dhotis, kurtas and turbans. The smooth and sassy with the rough and earthy.
  • Workout wonders This new wave of home gyms do away with the old excuses for not working out.
  • Spring loaded Downturn, what downturn? Sanjay Kapoor, the managing director of genesis luxury, is in high spirits. Just make sure there’s a gym nearby.
  • Metro watch The restaurants you need to know about. This month, we do Japanese in Gurgaon, chicken and mash in Bandra and royal kebabs in Bangalore. Tuck in!
  • Hops in house When India’s first ever microbrewery opened up for business, Bibek Bhattacharya was first in line.
  • Don't forget your liver Try not to be swayed by medical reports. Wine’s a great drink to have, especially with a woman. You’ll not make an ass of yourself as you might after a whisky too many.
  • The pink of health All you need to know about the Cosmo.
  • Amrita Rao, 20s Each month, we ask a beautiful woman about men, sex and relationships. This month, it’s Amrita Rao, model and now actress. She’s currently single and lives in Mumbai.

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