Money Today Archive February 10, 2008 Issue

Edition: February 10, 2008

BT More

Metro secrets

The world is, indeed, your oyster. Travelling to the farthest corners of the globe is just a click of the mouse and a drive to the airport away. But sometimes, in venturing out to see the wide unknown, we ignore our backyards.
  • Thirst quenchers It’s still chilly enough to fancy an evening out sipping fine wine or cocktails with friends. Drop in at either of these two great watering holes to lift your spirits after a tough week at work.
  • Cachaca in your backyard It’s Brazil’s finest contribution to the world of spirits. And now you can get it in your city. Taste it today and you will thank us for the tip.
  • A journey in prose Get your copy of these three new books—two coffee table gems and an engrossing travelogue— which take you from the hustle and bustle of India’s capital to the land of the Rajput princes and vast sand dunes.
  • Care for it, flaunt it This winter, look beautiful, let your hair down and make your skin glow. All you need to do is keep some of the following in mind and you can dazzle everyone this season.
  • No shit! We got the well-known chef and restaurateur Bill Marchetti to try a shot of Kopi Luwak— the world’s most expensive coffee—and take us through the seductive charms of this rather interesting dark liquid, which is sifted out from, believe it or not, Civet excreta.
  • View to be thrilled Thrillers always had us hooked, whether they are based on true life or a fantasy. In this issue, we review newly released DVDs of three classic blockbusters.
  • Moves and shakes, Bollywood style They are complex moves, no doubt. But once mastered, they won’t just make hitting the dance floor a more pleasurable event, but also make your body that much more fit and flexible. Boogie away with these fun moves recommended by fitness expert Shaira Bhan.
  • Eat real food, stay fit She isn’t just another pretty face with a great figure. This woman also knows quite a bit about healthy food and works magic in the kitchen. Nigella Lawson demolishes a lot of myths and offers radical eating, cooking and relaxing tips for the workaholic executive.
  • The magic wand of Ernie Els Come the second week of February, you can catch Els swing up close at the Delhi Golf Club, where he will be the star attraction during the Indian Masters.
  • An eye for luxury Take your pick from the best new launches in jewellery, clothes, bags and much more.
  • The sound of music In car-entertainment systems were never this good. Check out what’s on offer.
  • Metro SecretsBT More sent its team of reporters to the five corners of the country to talk to experts as well as travel the length and breadth of the cities and beyond, to find out things that a visitor to these cities may not really know about.
  • Metro secrets - Bangalore The IT capital has some amazing temples and walks, not to mention great short trips that you can take.
  • Metro secrets - Chennai A foodie’s delight, a book lover’s paradise—the other side of Chennai is waiting to be discovered.
  • Metro secrets - Delhi History beckons in hidden alleys, natural forests are a walk away—Discover the ‘other’ Delhi.
  • Metro secrets - Kolkata A China Town, Victorian buildings and the world’s largest ‘book street’—Kolkata is a lot of fun.
  • Metro secrets - Mumbai Medieval forts, hidden churches and amazing food —India’s commercial capital is full of surprises.
  • The rise of Indie The independent music scene is a universe in itself. Ever so often, Indie artistes come out with music that transcends cult following. This time, we feature three bands that have successfully made that switch with albums of wildly varied music. We also tell you which songs to download.
  • Nothing knotty about it Can you carry off a scarf? Which scarf will suit you right and how should tie it? Follow these simple tips to get it right.
  • Step in style S for sexy. S for stylish. S for sophisticated. S for smart. S for Stilettos.
  • The best smart phones Smart phones are no longer a new term. In fact, there are so many choices it can confuse you. We take a look at the best smart phones now on offer.
  • Achtung baby Move over London, New York and Paris. With its burgeoning social, cultural and culinary life, the new guardian of hipness is Berlin. We take a look at what’s hot in this glittering city in 2008.
  • A wine for all occasions Order a Sav Blanc —it can last you through a meal. Stick to one of the New World Sav Blancs. Their grassiness and crispy acidity are balanced by just the right amount of fruitiness. This makes them ideal accompaniments to a multicourse meal.

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