Money Today Archive February 24, 2008 Issue

Edition: February 24, 2008

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The cover story this time deals with our aspirations that revolve around living a happy life with all the luxuries of this world at our fingertip. Life Deluxe tells you how you can literally live life king-size.
  • Food for thought Cookbooks seldom qualify as good ‘reading material’. The three books featured below are honourable exceptions. Fun to read—they also make you think hard about your culinary skills.
  • Wine is a happy drink Alfred Tesseron is a member of Les Cinq, the five cháteau owners from Bordeaux who travel the world promoting their wines. He explains why people of different age groups prefer different vintages and tells you how to choose a red wine that suits your palate and your pocket.
  • Lounge in luxury

    Two great lounge bars that have re-invented themselves and are once again attracting the A-listers get our vote this time.

  • If I were a billionaire Why make a lot of money if you can’t really live, look, travel and indulge like royalty? we tell you just that: how to have a life which is truly ‘deluxe’.
  • Wheels of fortune Want to know how the world’s richest travel to work? Drive this beauty to find out.
  • The knowledgeable machines Exercise your way to good health with these new machines that tell you a lot about your fitness level.
  • Fauna lends a hand to Randhawa Asked recently what it takes to win at the DGC, Randhawa finally let out his secret. As it turns out, there is no elaborate game plan. All you need to do is hit it straight and putt well. It’s that simple. Anybody can do that!
  • Caviar daydreams Take a chocolate massage at a royal spa, sip the best cognac and puff on a designer cigar— redefine life in the luxury lane.
  • The show window From tea sets and spirits to bath settings and pearl pendants, check out what’s new this fortnight.
  • Almost heaven Make sure your dream home and its classy interiors elicit a wondrous gasp from your friends whenever they step into your kingdom.
  • Every move you make How you dress says a lot about you. we suggest you take our advice and make your wardrobe the best in business.
  • Piano man When pianist Oscar Peterson passed away last December, the world of jazz lost one of its most astonishing stylists. In this issue, we pay tribute to the great man by reviewing two classic performances from a career spanning six decades.
  • Who dares, wins Wins If you have a streak of adventure in you, head down under to New Zealand and experience a new high in the adventure capital of the world—Queenstown.
  • Stun the sun At home, in a party, or even during board meetings, show ’em the stuff you’re made of.
  • Be a trail-blazer Blazers are for all occasions, and while the suit may be smart, the blazer is definitely nattier. We take a look at how a blazer can go well both in office and at the party and give you some cool tips on how to get the most out of yours.
  • Improve your mobile photography Most high-end mobile phones have good cameras. So, why do the photographs still come out blurry or less than perfect? Read on to find out how to take better snaps with your cellphone.
  • Easy driver! As far as nice, comfortable saloon cars go, you really could not do much better than the Volkswagen Passat.
  • Take the world in your stride Cruise the high seas and fly across the world in style and discover what luxury is all about.
  • Turn it on As it gets increasingly difficult to hunt down turntables, we take a look at some new and interesting ones that have put the boom back in the ‘boombox’.
  • Pricey isn't always perfect The French have seen Louis Vuitton knockoffs appearing everywhere. The last thing they would want is bad wine being sold under counterfeit French labels.

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