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Edition: Jan 4, 2015


Prachi Bhuchar

A look at the very best in entertainment this December.

A look at the very best in entertainment this December

BT More takes a look at the very best in entertainment, from movies to music and books.
Anindita Satpathi
Fantasy flights
Ride the open skies in the business class of Etihad Airways, UAE's national carrier, for an experience that will lend you wings. Quite literally.
    BT More Team
    Latest accessories and products launched in the market
    Have a look at the tempting gadgets, accessories and automobile launched in the market recently.
      Aditi Pai
      The Grape Escape
      Even with wine, the old must give way to the new. Presenting the next generation in the wine industry.
      • Top liquor trends this season Before you raise that toast to the winter, here are some liquor trends you should look at. After all, there's more to drinking than, well, just drinking.
      Saurav Bhanot
      Power trip
      Formal doesn't mean boring. Tommy Hilfiger shows you what power dressing is all about.

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