Money Today Archive January 27, 2008 Issue

Edition: January 27, 2008

BT More

Kushan Mitra

Money to splurge

Which are the fastest and smartest cars you can import? BT More gives you a few tips.
  • Rides for every budget This will be the year of the automobiles. And trust us; it won’t just be the Rs 1-lakh Tata car or the small cars from the Suzuki stable that will vie for your eyeballs and your wallet in 2008.
  • The finest wheels It’s a tough act, balancing your needs and your budget when choosing and buying that dream vehicle. Find out which automobile is just right for you and yet doesn’t punch a large hole in your pocket in this issue’s cover story.
  • Mirror can be your friend Just getting the right outfit is not the end of it all. One wrong shade on the face and your entire look will take a beating… so, read on and get yourself the right look.
  • New Year bonanza This winter, take your pick from the hottest launches that are begging for your attention.
  • Seek pleasure from golf Asked what is the biggest hindrance in the way of a club golfer achieving nirvana or at least a consistent level of skill in the game, Llewellyn came up with this brief but well thought out answer. “Ego,” he replied.
  • Infused scotch, anyone? Scotch whisky itself does not seem to do the trick anymore for a large number of tipplers. So, Scotch makers are trying different things to add some zing to this age-old favourite.
  • Choco luscious Want to indulge like there’s no tomorrow? Try out one of these amazing new chill zones. Enjoy the aroma of freshly made chocolate while you discover some great new dishes.
  • Get rid of back pain A chronic back pain is the most common occurrence for all those sitting and working on their laptops or desktops through the day. BT More seeks expert advice on how to cure a bad back through four simple asanas.
  • Faces of India India ‘lives’ in different eras even as Indians happily co-exist. In this issue, we give you glimpses into three new books—all first of their kind attempts by the authors—which delve into different cultures, beliefs and surroundings that we see around us even today.
  • Rhythm divine When you’re at the top, where do you go from there? In this new music review section, we feature new releases from icons who need no introduction. All three have come out with albums that boast of some of the best works they’ve done. Collector’s items these.
  • Dream cars for a steal Driving around on a swank set of wheels does not necessarily mean you have to break the bank, or rather break into a bank. There are some great deals going on a few very desirable pre-owned, imported cars.
  • Bruno knows Pal Zileri’s master tailor Bruno Magnaguagno speaks about how precise measurements and cuts play a defining role in creating the perfect suit, and provides expert advice on the latest trends in formal wear.
  • Make heads turn Dazzle the damsels this winter at every wedding you attend (except yours). Lest too many exchanged vows leave you feeling confused, we came up with four ensembles that can solve your sartorial dilemmas.
  • Tea tales Ever since 2737 B.C., when tea was believed to have been brewed for the first time, it has remained a favourite drink for millions around the world. Tea is still the second most consumed liquid after water. A look at what is in the cuppa that kick-starts your day.
  • Live another day Remember these golden oldies? BT More took some of the oldest mobile handsets, inserted new SIM cards into them and tried out various features. The results are worth a read.
  • The sinking paradise One of the world’s favourite holiday destinations, the Maldives is sinking rapidly. This is probably your last chance to see these magical islands. Go pack your bags.
  • Wines with endless legs Unlike the French, who make cerebral wines, the Italians make wines that are fresh, that go well with food and that can be drunk here and now without being intellectualised.
  • Rule the high seas With the arrival of Ferretti in India, luxury yachts are the topic of boardroom conversations. Which are the best yachts in India and how much do they cost? BT MORE helps you find out.

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