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Anushree Basu

Long hours and stress taketoll on spinal cord

Back to back health

Long hours, deadlines, and stress take their toll on our spinal cord. No wonder then that back ache is touted as the most common health problem across workplaces. Here's how to fight back.
  • Fit for work The seated generation is piling on the pounds. Can quirky gadgets that let us exercise at our desks, help keep those pounds off? Let's find out.
  • Here's to afterhours The China Kitchen's new addition, TCK Bar, is an intimate space to unwind. After-party lounging and drinks past midnight have never been better.
  • Melting pot The Ploof Deli Kitchen and Bar, Delhi puts a spin on classic continental cuisine, but its main USP is a premium fresh produce shop.
  • Teeing off in Chiang Mai Golf is a relatively new attraction in the cultural capital of Thailand, but the sheer variety and scope of the golf courses make the proposition an enticing one.
  • Rain check Forget bad hair days as grooming gurus come together to help you sail through the worth weather for your hair-the monsoon. We do a round-up of haircair products on offer to help you opt for the one that works for you.
  • Turkish delight If the Delhi heat gets too much, switch off with a luxurious hamam treatment at The Spa at Aman New Delhi.
  • In the pink Tips that can help you remain healthy.
  • Keep pace Fast cars, bikes and boats. Racing tidbits from around the world.
  • ManualIf sleep eludes you or you spend countless nights tossing and turning, here's your guide to dreamless slumber.
  • At the end The owner of Intercontinental, The Lalit Keshav Suri finds the cocktail at his hotel impressive.
  • Run for your life The world's oldest and most basic exercise is fast becoming a new age corporate mantra. Avid runner and founder of Running and Living, Rahul S Verghese tells us why we should run.
  • Social mores Abu Dhabi houses some of the world's best experiences in terms of hospitality, lifestyle and luxury. Skip Dubai and head to the capital instead.
  • Books that shaped my life Harish Moolchandani, CEO and MD, India and Indian sub-continent, Beam Global Spirits and wine talks about the books that have made him what he is today.
  • Stress on the good life For a generation that lives to meet deadlines, work-life balance is an intriguing mystery. It's about time you beat the stress and let the afterhours of a different kind beckon you in the form of whimsical retreats.
  • Track and wieldHarry Winston Histoire de Tourbillon 2
    Unveiled at this year's Baselworld in Switzerland, this flaunts a complicated mechanism that combines two concentric titanium carriages, the outer one gyrating in 120 seconds and the inner one in 40 seconds.
  • On the move This year, ditch the pollution, pack your rucksacks and head to 'Little Tibet' to enjoy nature at its pristine best.
  • Life in the past lane Vintage and classic cars are not just ageless machines for time travelling. They can also be worthwhile investments that render unparalleled pride of ownership and promise capital gains too. Take a joy-ride.
  • Soul vacations As overworked professionals go in search of that perfect destresser, here's a look at some of the most popular wellness destinations. From natural healing to modern remedies; get your fix.
  • The right beat Volvo finally has a state of the art car in the S60 T6 that gets the heart racing and puts a smile on your face.

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