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Edition: July 13, 2008

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Anusha Subramanian

Daddy's girl

Anjani Kasliwal, the 22-year-old head of luxury of S. Kumars’ Brandhouse Retails Division, swears by Escada and Dunhill (yes, the men’s brand makes tailor-made blazers for her) and loves food. Over a vegetarian Japanese meal, she tells us more about her work and passions.
  • Live It Up It’s time to get choosy. From garments to gadgets, check out what you want to buy this fortnight.
  • Driven By Music A cool new car deserves a cool new entertainment system in place. Right? So, here’s what you should buy.
  • The Zegna Man Ermenegildo Zegna is without doubt one of the biggest names in fashion.We met the man himself to talk about his personal style and to learn the secret of running a successful family empire.
  • Gadget Bling Who says gadgets can’t wear jewellery? We check out some of the ‘blingiest’ contraptions out there.
  • Turkish Delights Turkey’s wines remain undiscovered, even though it is the world’s fourth-largest producer of grapes with 6,100 square kilometres under vines and has 60 indigenous wine grape varieties to dip into.
  • Jeev the Rain Man Golf is tricky enough the way it is. No,what Jeev did was play the tournament without a practice round, relying on the yardage book to go around the first day. And he shot a 65, his lowest number for the week. Sometimes, it helps not to know where the bunkers and bushes are.
  • Madre Mia: A true taste of italy Craving for a Pizza Margherita or a Pasta à la Puttanesca that tastes just like the wonderful dish you had in Florence? Here is where you should have your next affair with Italian food.
  • Come and get it After decades of self-important “artistes” and albums, pop music is moving back to the 1950s when singles were king, and there was a constant search for the next big thing. In this brave new world, websites and music blogs are fast replacing magazines as the source of information.
  • Get the power! Madonna and Monica Belluci swear by this machine and so does Shah Rukh Khan. And there’s no denying that those women (and the guy) are rather fit.We met up with Guus Van Der Meer, the man who invented the Power Plate,to find out how to use it for best results.
  • Give me the whip! While you squabble over whether The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull lives up to the hype, jog your memory with the original Indiana Jones trilogy, now out as special edition DVDs
  • The best new pubs

    It’s Saturday night... Time to chill out. Head to the most talked-about new pubs in town.


  • Inside the world's best restaurants Are you one of those who will settle for nothing but the best when it comes to food? Travel with us, then, to the finest restaurants on Earth as we set out on an unforgettable gastronomical journey.
  • A taste of African liqueurs Sure, you’ve sipped enough South African wines. But, have you tried its liqueurs? Here are four you should buy.
  • When time stops This fortnight, we give you a peek into two much talked about new books that are almost autobiographical.
  • Dealing with the fuel bomb Taking care of just a few things can reduce your annual spend on fuel by about 25 per cent. So, that will, in effect, mean that you are paying just about Rs 37 for a litre of fuel instead of the current price of about Rs 50 per litre.
  • Oh tut! We saw the Pyramids and clicked snaps with the Sphinx. But that’s definitely not all that we did in Tutankhamun’s Egypt.

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