Money Today Archive July 22, 2012 Issue

Edition: July 22, 2012


R Pallavi

The intricate detailing in sculptures

Spanish sculptor on a creative journey

A Spanish sculptor embarks on a creative journey, one that begins at matter and ends at mind.
  • The hirst code The Damien Hirst retrospective at the Tate Modern, London, shows the artist in a light that is not necessarily flattering.
Anushree Basu-Bhalla
Being chained to your workstation or living out of a suitcase may reflect well on your paycheque but what does being on-the-go mean for your health?
Pierre Mario Fitter
Once you hit your 40s, your metabolism really begins to drop off
Whether you've just hit 30 or are nearing 60, there's a an exercise regime and diet that's just right for you.
R Pallavi
From right Sirio Maccioni with his sons Mauro, Marco and Mario
When France met Italy in the sacred kitchens of Le Cirque, New York, food found new meanings. Here's a story of Sirio Maccioni and how he shaped the evolution of taste, culture and luxury.
  • Pride and paradise In Switzerland, every room has a view and every building a history. Here's how Geneva's Mandarin Oriental took the story onward.
  • Restaurant review: India Grill Room A swank India Grill Room attempts to amalgamate the feisty flavours of pan-Indian gastronomy with upscale dining.
  • Noma In London The world's best restaurant migrates to Britain for ten days during the Olympic Games.
As the 2012 Olympics draws nearer, July is all about sport, spirit and style. To look great on the field and off it, we help you gear up and get your game face on.

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