Money Today Archive July 26, 2009 Issue

Edition: July 26, 2009

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Bibek Bhattacharya

We love the new mitsubishi outlander

The contender to the reigning soft-roader is finally here. And we love it!
  • Letter from the editor Dear Readers, if I can begin this Drive issue with an appeal to my fellow drivers, a simple three words—please give way.
  • Deutsch Marque When it comes to the Rs 50-lakh sedan market, it’s a face-off between three German powerhouses. Who’s going to come out on top?
  • Sound like you know about mt everest You thought you knew all about the world’s highest mountain. Time to do a checklist.
  • Vikram Baidyanath, CEO of Baidyanath group He drives BMW 3 Series (325 i) and drink rose water find more!
  • The books that shaped my life Every issue we ask a prominent businessman about the books that made them the people they are today. This month: Shailendra Singh, Joint MD, Percept Limited.
  • July 12- August 9 happening's What’s new and what’s happening this month.
  • What's new in your world Launchpad your mini-magazine at the front with everything you need this month, including the best luxury buys, rajasthani cuisine, songs to drive to, vikram baidyanath’s laptop, the true name of mt. everest, nokia’s new phone, prasad bidapa on etiquette, and six bob dylans.
  • Driven by hooks If you thought that music can be best enjoyed in your living room, think again. In fact, why don’t you let your music take you for a drive?
  • Taipei101 For a taste of China, in more ways than one, Taipei is just the ticket.
  • Khaki embrace the crumple Khakis are everywhere this season, in a dizzying array of styles.
  • Deutsch Marque When it comes to the Rs 50-lakh sedan market, it’s a face-off between three German powerhouses. Who’s going to come out on top?
  • Rajastan camels and cars To flee Delhi for Jodhpur is to discover a land of forts and royals. And for this reporter, an opportunity to test the new Volkswagen Passat.
  • Two to the floor Out with the drab, in with the colour. This seems to be the message with a new generation of designer sneakers.
  • Getting there The great reward of a road trip to the hills is arriving in one piece.
  • knock nokia, who's there? Can Nokia's latest N97 really beat the iPhone?
  • Monsoon must-haves The monsoon mayhem shouldn’t deter you from getting all things precious. Celebrate the season with these brand new buys.
  • Me and my Lamborghini The Chairman and MD of Raymonds has many fast cars, jets and yachts to choose from, but if he had to choose, he'd pick his 2007 Lamborghini Gallardo.
  • A spot of SPA This monsoon, take advantage of the great spa deals that are on offer, both at destination spas across the country or at the best spas in your city.
  • The flesh trade There’s little match for the decadence of a Brazilian churrascaria. We went to Wildfire in Gurgaon to see how it’s done.
  • Here’s to the english

    Far from the madding crowd, Wildflower Hall in Shimla is a tribute to colonial pleasures.

  • No bull, just wine good wine in good company

    The company in which you have a bottle of wine makes a difference to its taste. The price isn’t directly proportional to the level of enjoyment you can extract from it.

  • The Italian job Stunning good looks, unadulterated power and oodles of charm make the Ducati 848 the most desirable sports bike to have hit Indian roads yet.
  • Skoda's shining For years, Skoda was a joke of a brand in Europe and North America. But in its second innings, the car company has shed its old image and acquired a new, swish one.
  • Safety Science How is a brand that’s synonymous with safety going to make any headway with perhaps the least safetyconscious driving public in the world?
  • Questionnaire Supermodel and star of Fashion, Mugdha Godse is currently single and enjoys being wooed.
  • Metrowatch Delhi Bali-Ho! Posh Mayfair restaurant Taman Gang comes to India.

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