Money Today Archive June 10, 2012 Issue

Edition: June 10, 2012


Olina Banerji

Visitors taking their time to appreciate each artwork

How to crack the art fair code

Art has the power to befuddle, especially if we are unsure of what we can rave about or treat with disdain. Here's your personal guide to cracking the art fair code.
Prachi Bhuchar
Emirates A380
Get an inside peek into the luxurious life on board Emirates' new giant of the skies, the A380.
Manish Yadav
Driven by glory
A collector takes us through the gazillion speed monsters resting in his backyard. The race is on.
  • My stuff Amit Burman, Vice Chairman, Dabur India shares his favourite prodcuts.
  • Thrill of the high seas Once proudly worn by the Italian naval commandos during World War I, Officine Panerai now caters to a markedly different clientele worldwide.
  • Latest trends in menswear for holiday season Men's fashion is in an escapist mood. Take a tour of the latest trends as we impart fresh-off-the-runway wisdom for this holiday season.
Hitani Kaur
Dry prawn with chilli powder
Hong Kong's Chilli Fagara sets the standard in extreme dining. Challenge your tastebuds to see if you can take the heat.
  • Sicilian Delight Italian food is always a favourite but never easy to get right. Sicilia at Dubai's Ibn Battuta hotel has much in its favour.
  • A good wine can make a good meal even better The best Indian wines can be as good if not better than the foreign competition, but only if the vineyard gets it right.

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