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Edition: June 1, 2008

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Five wines to die for

A number of international wines are now available in India. Here are five of the very best chosen by one of India’s most talked about wine journalists.
  • Penning a success story At 32, Pooja Jain is Executive Director and heir apparent of Luxor India.We met her over a glass of champagne on a Saturday evening to find out what makes her heart skip a beat.
  • A luxury drive on diesel

    If you are going to be driving over 2,500 km a month, then it makes sense to buy a diesel car, to even out your EMIs. Less than that, stick to petrol for the time being.Luxury and, now, even sports cars are increasingly being fuelled by diesel.

  • Life in many hues A family torn apart by civil war; an officer recalls the funny side of his NDA days; and memories that haunt an author—three gripping novels based on real life incidents. Three great ways to spend the weekend.
  • 'Indian wine has got much better' One of the best-known names from the world of wine, Michelle Rolland is known as the ‘The Flying Wine Maker’. In India for a week, the 61-year-old Rolland spent time with BT More, discussing Indian wines and how they fare vis-à-vis the global fare.
  • Golfing cheerleaders I see nothing wrong with a scenario like this—Jyoti Randhawa makes a birdie and the threesome in grass skirts standing by the green suddenly come to life. They switch on the portable audio system and do a jig around the green before the “Quiet please” signs go up.
  • India's finest wines The final word on the finest Indian wines has been said. In a first-ever initiative, eight experts across India, Australia and the US sat across a table for five hours in Delhi on April 30, blind tasting 38 wines to zero in on the best Indian wines across different categories.
  • Teeing off in style

    Golf is a true test of character, the saying goes. So, whether you’re putting on the green, or trying to wedge your way out of a bunker, it pays to be dressed sharply.

  • Are you game? What’s your sport? Whether it’s cricket or pool, darts or beer guzzling—there’s no place like a sports bar to chill out.
  • Amazza! Dig these wheels baby The Concorso D’Eleganza is Europe’s biggest classic car show, and also showcases the latest concept automobiles. Kushan Mitra went to the shores of Lake Como to check it out.
  • Shadow play The big bad city, a femme fatale, a morally ambiguous hero and blazing guns—wrap all this up in a web of shadows and you get the alluring world of Film Noir—one of the great creations of modern cinema. We take a look at some classics that are now available on high quality DVD.
  • Yum cha! Dig into Dim Sums Love what the Chinese do to those seemingly innocuous looking pieces of meat and fish to create a dim sum platter that tastes so heavenly? Don’t migrate to China yet (as if you wanted to). Try out these four great dim sum lunches in your city, instead.
  • Munch at will Dig in. Gorge on all those sinful snacks you have been dying to try out, without fear of losing your abs to flabs.
  • Living it up Check out these luxury products that were launched recently. We bet your credit card is in for some heavy duty work.
  • Remastered joy While we mourn the death of the music album at the hands of downloads, music labels are releasing remastered versions of classic albums from the Sixties, the golden age of pop.
  • Jazzing on Absinthe Prague is a lovely city with a lot to offer by way of castles, quaint boat rides and architectural marvels. But it’s also one of the best places to be in if you are a jazz buff, a beer guzzler or one who ventures into exotic lounge bars to sip large portions of exotic liquor once the sun has set. Sanjoy Narayan went there, did that and survived to tell the tale.
  • The rule of four When it comes to pairing your shirts with the right tie, the initial urge is to play it safe. Yes, some styles are enduring, but it always pays to experiment a bit.We look at four distinct ties that you can wear with four styles of dress shirts.
  • Shaken and stirred It’s a scorcher out there as summer turns on the heat. Time for some cooling drinks? Try these at home, even without expert supervision.
  • Watch it Some of the latest timepieces on offer are also technological masterpieces.
  • Indian wine ratings 2008 For the first time ever, the finest Indian wines, rated. Read on.
  • The best white wines In the first-ever rating of Indian wines, BT More got eight experts from around the country and beyond to try out 38 different wines to zero in on the best wines made in India. Here are the results.
  • Walk the talk Stop reading books on wines to increase your grape quotient. Go on any of these five amazing wine tours around the world. Call your travel agent. Pronto!

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