Money Today Archive June 12, 2011 Issue

Edition: June 12, 2011

BT More

Most desirable experiences on offer

The one and only

Celebrating BT More's anniversary, we bring you a pick of the most desirable experiences on offer- from destinations to gadgets to wines. Indulge!
  • Walking the great trail Head out to Nepal to walk the greatest mountain range on earth in great style and, yes, great luxury too
  • Romancing the Alps A great new Spa resort in the heart of the French Alps is sure to warm your heart.
  • Keeping it real It created a revolution in culinary arts when it opened seven years ago. It is still winning awards.
  • Drinking with hemingway A drink at the bar that inspired the grand old man of American letters is a fine way to soak up the bygone days of Parisian bohemia.
  • Ace of the pack When it comes to superstar champagnes, this blinged out bubbly is the clear winner; a hip-hop heavy hitter that stunned everyone.
  • Grapes of glory Brought to life in the historic vineyards of Bordeaux, the Chateau Lafite Rothschild 1982 vintage is expected to stun the world for the next 70 years.
  • Puff of cuba Explore the aroma and flavours of the Cohiba Behike 54 as you enter the world of the best of Cuban cigars.
  • Best Cameras in Market Till a little while ago 'corporate gifting' a concept. Today,. of products which make for perfect gifts.
  • Sweet tablet It's love at first sight for both techno geeks and those who know nothing about technology. Welcome the iPad 2.
  • Classically greek A limited edition timepiece in rose and white gold impresses and allures at once with its fitting tribute to the King of Madecon.
  • Top ranker The emerging winner from the most thorough and accurate analysis of the global nautical industry.
  • Say it with swish Who said men don't need chic bags? Louis Vuitton is redefining men's accessories
  • Need for speed It's probably the only car in the world which actually comes close to flying off the ground. Fasten your seatbelt!
  • Show stealer Prepare for a cross-dimensional and thought provoking experience with Malick's next.
  • Tower of light The Tower Club at Lebua in Bangkok allows you to table hop from the world's highest al fresco restaurant to a dining outfit that sources its ingredients from fifteen countries.
  • Keep pace Read all about fast cars, bikes and boats. Get to know about the racing tidbits from around the world.
  • A lesson in Calligraphy From suitable writing styles to choices in nibs and inks, Nikhil Ranjan, CEO of William Penn offers a complete guide to the wildly visual art of calligraphy.
  • America's ode to Italy Prompted by its soaring popularity, California Pizza Kitchen, the American casual dining chain, has opened its second outlet at High Street Phoenix in Mumbai and offers some great Italian dishes that shouldn't be missed.
  • Social mores We've lifted off the streets and taken to the skies. It's only natural then, that attention shifts to airborne interiors.
  • Books that shaped my life Y V Verma, COO, LG India talks about the books that have made him what he is today.
  • Track and wield Check the desirability quotient of the new products in the market.
  • On the move Sitting at a vertigo-inducing altitude of 1588 feet, the Ritz-Carlton in Hong Kong literally touches new heights in hospitality.
  • My stuff There are different kinds of love, but they all have the same aim. Possession.
  • Generation change The latest generation of the Hyundai Change Verna is out with the mission of becoming a game changer in India.
  • My favourite things Over the past year there have been some defining moments of beauty, of clarity and of living it up. As BT More celebrates its anniversary, we ask members of the business fraternity for their 'lifestyle moment of the year'.

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