Money Today Archive June 15, 2008 Issue

Edition: June 15, 2008

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From the Isle of the Dodo

Executive Chef Gurpreet Bhatia, who spent the last four years there, tells us the secrets of Mauritian food.
  • A perfect Accord? The Accord has been moving up the evolutionary ladder as well, with each successive generation. With more powerful if not larger engines, with more space and luxury features, it has slowly been inching up the luxury scale and the latest Accord is another step in its upward journey.
  • Munch at will Dig in. Gorge on all those sinful snacks you have been dying to try out, without fear of losing your abs to flab.
  • A cricket buff and and a collector Gary R. Bennett, MD & CEO,Max New York Life Insurance, has lost 54 kg in two years, loves the good things of life and also believes in karma, for good measure.
  • Lives less ordinary A 21st century Mata Hari, a budding jazz musician in New York and an Indian boy on a journey of self-discovery: this fortnight, we look at three novels that centre around individuals who find themselves in alien lands.
  • Bottoms up On a warm summer evening in Delhi, we checked out some of the best flavoured vodkas you can order at five-star lounge bars in India, and survived to tell you the secrets we learnt.
  • Let the music play A lavish dinner or a few glasses of beer may make you smile, but it makes you put on weight as well. Work it off by tapping your feet to some great live music as you have a ball at these cool chill zones.
  • Fancy a home abroad Property developers in West Asia and Mauritius are luring our millionaires to snap up mutli-crore villas in their countries. We lookn at what's on offer.
  • India's most luxurious homes Private swimming pools, elegant gardens en suite in your 22nd floor apartment, elevators to bring the Merc up to your floor, exclusive health clubs for your family and mini golf courses just in case you feel like swinging the five iron on a Sunday morning—Indian developers are redefining luxury beyond imagination.
  • The rockumentaries Rock’n’roll and the Blues have always been one of the most visually appealing genres of music. This issue, we take a look at some rock music documentaries that you can now get on DVD.
  • Own your paradise A large villa overlooking the sea, private pools with jacuzzis... who gives a damn? Go buy your own island.
  • All about clubs Feel like hitting a high fade today? No problem. Tinkle with the weights at the back of the driver, put in a shaft with a higher launch angle and off you go. At least five manufacturers have introduced fitting systems that feature special heads and shafts that can be interchanged using wrenches.
  • It's buy buy time Here are some cool new products to tempt you with— from watches and shoes to fragrances and priceless porcelain. Go splurge!
  • Bologna catwalk The famous Ducati bikes are coming to India soon. But they have some good competition as well. Get set for a feast.
  • India's most luxurious apartments Private pools, elevators that go straight to your living room, terrace gardens and jacuzzis: luxury apartments in India are getting a makeover like never before. BT More gives you an inside view of the most luxurious apartments that you can buy in the country today.
  • World's most expensive mansions Mumbai’s rich and famous are ready to shell out Rs 50 crore for luxury apartments with a 180-degree view of the Marine Drive. Homes in Delhi and Bangalore are closing in on the Rs 20-crore mark as well. But a home that costs over Rs 600 crore? There’s no harm dreaming, is there? Read on to find out about the world’s most expensive homes.
  • Drowned in sound Interesting cutting-edge artistes have always gone for independent record labels, which allow them greater freedom. We take a look at some of the bigger independent labels.
  • Cool glares that don't cost the earth The sun is out again this summer and so, a new pair of shades are in order. Here are the best you can buy under 30K.
  • A red for your biryani I was at a ‘serious wine tasting event’—that’s what they call drinking during the daytime these days—when the bulb of inspiration for this column lit in my head. The wine that did it was an Italian red named Bottega Vinai Teroldego Rotaliano DOC 2006.
  • Humpback trail in Lion country It’s a scorcher of a summer. But in the Southern Hemisphere, some people are enjoying the chill. Head to the cool climes of South Africa, one of the world’s most preferred destinations, and discover the lesser-known parts of that beautiful country.

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