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4 top teams 2014 FIFA

4 top teams at 2014 FIFA World Cup
  • Sound of music Do you prefer sound over looks, or vice versa?
  • The power of 7 Don't wallow in sin, dive into it with swan-like grace. On our 7th anniversary, we share how the much-maligned seven sins can be worth the price you pay.  
Five ways you can avoid jet lag
Here are five ways you can avoid jet lag and step off that airplane feeling like a million bucks.
Your Window to Data Recovery
The data recovery process for your computer made easier.
  • Your window to data recovery The data recovery process for your computer made easier.
  • Swim on The deepest end of a pool is no place to flounder around. The do's and don'ts of swimming.  
  • Full force Raring to go at the drop of a flag, these babies are the meanest among machines. Presenting the rip-roaring best from the world of wheels and angry engines.
  • Top shop Top shopping list for consumers.
By Prachi Bhuchar
Of Chopsticks and Zen
If sushi is your thing, En at Mehrauli is where you should head to.
  • Foodie Fables It is said that the sensibilities of avid food and art lovers make the world a better place. Manu Chandra speaks on the mini-renaissance that's unravelling in the Indian dining scene.
  • Veda Cafe leaves a lasting impression With a relaxed ambience and delectable food surprises, Veda Cafe leaves a lasting impression.
Closet Fashionista
A functionally sound and aesthetic master bedroom can make all the difference between a happy marriage and a not-so-happy one.

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