Money Today Archive June 27, 2010 Issue

Edition: June 27, 2010

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Charles Curtis

Vintage instruments

Wine trading has emerged from the recent economic recession as strong as ever, with gains of 15.7 per cent posted for top wines from Bordeaux. Charles Curtis, MW, lets you in on the smart investment choices and pitfalls to avoid when starting or expanding your wine collection.
  • Making the cut Forget about painful incisions. Advances in plastic surgery are set to revolutionise the art of looking good—needlelessly.
  • Private Jetiquette The ten points to keep in mind while travelling on a private jet.
  • Track and wield From itsy-bitsy gadgets to cool cars to mega bikes to exercise equipment, there is a host of really cool things out in the market this summer. Anumeha Chaturvedi checks out their desirability quotient.
  • Books that shaped my life Subhinder Singh, MD, Reebok, talks about the books that have helped him become the man he is today.
  • 1894 Hildebrand & Wolfmuller, the world's first-ever motorcycle By now, almost everyone knows that alongwith fast cars, bikes too fuel's most men's not-so-secret fantasies.
  • Support your underwear Shoes and jerseys are passe. Football mania goes undercover with Calvin Klein's new range of innerwear, especially designed for FIFA 2010.
  • The search for the last Queen of Egypt takes a small break Her legendary beauty has made her possibly the most-writtenabout woman of the ancient world.
  • Ghoulish delight Titanic memorabilia shows up at an auction 98 years after the ship's voyage, and is immediately snapped up.
  • On the move

    A guide for the travelling enthusiast.

  • Old vodka in new bottles While French label Grey Goose has turned to Chopard for a special redesign of its bottle, earthy elements have caught the fancy of Finlandia, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary with four limited edition Sigg water bottles.
  • Sounds fishy Fish oil equals better mental function? Not really, concludes a two-year British study.
  • New York state of mind
  • Copenhagen's Noma Move over El Bulli and Fat Duck. It's Copenhagen's Noma that's come out tops in S. Pellegrino World's 50 Best Restaurant awards.
  • No playing with food Powerpuff girls on the walls, innovative dishes on the table. Delhi's Mamagoto seems to have cracked the magic formula of getting diners back again and again.
  • Pick the right suit Marketing and Commercial Director and General Manager Paulo and Stefano Canali on what makes the cut this summer
  • Create a stir: make a wasabi martini If it's summer, it's time to get yourself a juicy martini.
  • Great food, fine wine; pair well An easy-to-use guide that helps you choose the right wine to go with your food.
  • Put together a toolkit It's not all fun and games atop the corporate ladder. At work, you may be held in awe but at home, do you miss being the 'superman' of your family?
  • Craft your own chocolate Mumbai's best-known chocolatier Zeba Kohli tells you how to create your very own delicious confections.
  • Buy an island to fit What do Marlon Brando, Richard Branson and Sharon Stone have in common?
  • How to plan a road trip The road ahead is just a phrase unless you put pedal to metal and test its mettle. Learn to manoeuvre it right.
  • Races around the world Fast cars, horses and boats. Racing tidbits from around the world.
  • No more chicken tikka masala Few nationalities are as dismissive of their own culinary traditions as the British. But the tide is turning and old English food makes a comeback as some of London's finest restaurants serve up the classics.
  • Tailoring success These five achievers from the world of design, politics, art, sport and hospitality have mastered the art of marrying style with substance. We take a dekko.
  • Down to the waterline There are few better ways to spend your time than cruising Kerala's backwaters on luxury houseboats.
  • The return of the Jedi Merc has launched the spiritual successor to its award-winning 300SL-the SLS AMG. BT More travelled 20,000 km to drive the car on the La Carrera Panamericana, the scene of the supercar's earliest glories.

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