Money Today Archive June 29, 2008 Issue

Edition: June 29, 2008

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Dhiman Chattopadhyay

A 'real' cool guy

Amit Burman says he likes to live life king size. So, we met the 38-year-old Vice Chairman of Dabur for a meal to find out a bit more.
  • Lost and found The roads here are not properly mapped yet, nor are there any agencies that stream data on traffic conditions. Until that happens, PPS or PGS (people guidance systems) seem to be the best solution instead of GPS.
  • Of love and intrigue Two sisters compete for the love of King Henry VIII and an Irish woman seeks her destiny in a bizarre journey through life—two true stories retold that prove yet again that truth is not just stranger but far more exciting than fiction.
  • Sip like a Japanese When in Japan, try sake.’ you’ve heard this line more often than you would care to remember. okay? so, here’s something different to sip when travelling to the land of the rising sun.
  • Cool pools Fancy a romantic dinner in a restaurant overlooking a pool? Here are the best poolside restaurants and cafés in India. Take your pick.
  • All the Oscar men This has been one of the best years for the Oscars. We take a look at three Oscar-nominated movies that have been released on DVD.
  • Dance to stay fit Who says working out can’t be fun? If going to the gym five days a WORKS ON: It’s an out and out cardio workout. week is not quite your style, attend a dance class instead!
  • What the Mexicans haven't told you yet Don’t order a ‘Burrito’ when in Mexico.You might get a little donkey to ride on instead of the tortilla you expect! There’s a lot about Mexican cuisine that we don’t know. Let’s find out.
  • The old and the fairly new Parkland courses call for a different type of play. There’s more of target hitting here as the ground is softer, the grass thicker and winds aren’t generally a factor. The golf ball tends to stop much quicker on these inland courses.
  • Take a walk Most Indian cities have one thing in common—a rich heritage. And what better way to discover it than to check it out on foot?
  • In the lap of luxury ‘I am working so hard to keep you in the luxury’, sang the Rolling Stones. Check out the new launches from the world of luxury this fortnight and you’ll know what made Messrs Jagger and Richards strum out that amazing number.
  • Granddaddy of lightweights In a world of super-luxury lightweight suits, meet the suit with the finest yarn.
  • Dressing the men From cutting edge couture to elegant designs for the urban jungle, these guys love to dress the men.
  • The new Ravi Bajaj Over the past two decades, Ravi Bajaj has rightfully earned the tag of being India’s finest menswear designer. His suits, simply put, are a class apart.
  • Festival express The world can wait. But the music won’t. Don’t miss these music festivals this year.
  • The new Ravi Bajaj At 43, India’s coolest menswear designer is reinventing himself and his work. What’s making this pioneering Indian designer change his stripes after 20 years? We ask the man himself.
  • Suits to suit your budget Nothing enhances your sense of comfort like linen, and it’s even better if the suit can be classy without costing the earth.We take a look at three great linen suits under 20K.
  • Battle of the shooters Both Canon and Nikon have unleashed their new entry-level Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras. Both are affordable and offer entry points to higher-end photography. We tried out both and here is our verdict.
  • Dream run The new Ferrari 612 Scaglietti has to be driven to be believed. It’s that good.
  • Play ball Managed to snag a ticket to Euro 2008 in Austria and Switzerland this June? Cheer your team and guzzle beer by all means but when sober, do take time out to see these beautiful cities. Here’s what you should be doing (unless you are determined to only check out the pubs).
  • Are you ready for Karnataka? The new entrants in the Indian wine business have a lot of catching up to do. They also have the advantage of learning from the mistakes of others and not repeating them. The way the Indian wine market is shaping up, the new entrants won’t have the luxury, like the early birds, of getting away with mediocrity.

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