Money Today Archive June 9, 2013 Issue

Edition: June 9, 2013


Slim down, fat cat

Slim down, fat cat

Corporate lifestyle starting to show on your waistline? It doesn't have to.
  • Stressing on facts Today's office-goer is no stranger to stress. However, to combat the phenomenon, he should first learn to tell fact from fiction
Designer wings on KLM
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has roped in designer Hella Jongerius to redesign the interiors of its world business class cabins
  • Speed dates The 21-day annual shopping extravaganza in Istanbul, Turkey, will be spread across hundreds of its bazaars and exciting shopping centres from June 8-30.
  • The Aman goes to venice With a fitting approach (by water, of course), you arrive in a gondola at a reception hall replete with soaring ceilings and historic frescoes.
  • The Hungry Tide If you're looking for answers to your culinary conundrums, we have just the list to make you app-y. Click, chew, swallow.
  • Style in the skies Come June, the cabin crew aboard Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic airline will be seen donning outfits designed by Dame Vivienne Westwood.
  • Prague's Room with a view With baroque cupolas, gothic churches and medieval cobbles, Prague's old-world glory has now scaled new heights.
  • 3 pool games to try this summer You need a 3 x 5 ft floating laminate of artificial turf with Velcro fasteners and twelve floating wiffle practice balls, also layered with Velcro strips.
  • Camping in the cool Maybe it's time you set up camp someplace high in the mountains. Here are the basics of zero-degree camping.
The Limited Series LaFerrari
Advocating cutting-edge technology and stylised design, BT More highlights the stalwarts of the auto industry. We celebrate six dynamic cars on our sixth anniversary.
  • Top shop Parrot AR.Drone 2.0, The GPS-enabled AR Drone 2.0 puts you in the pilot's seat with live footage being streamed and recorded directly on your smartphone or tablet, via an in-built 720p HD camera.
  • Top of the Tech Searching for the exquisite in a world littered with new-age toys? Here are five iconic gadgets that can fetch you the coveted 'tech connoisseur' title.
  • Storm in a tea mug Available at, this self-stirring mug comes as a great relief for everybody who needs a cuppa before starting the day.
  • Etched in Time To mark our sixth anniversary, we celebrate iconic writing instruments launched over the last six years.
  • Google Keep Google Keep allows you to keep track of your thoughts via notes, lists and photos.
  • Our guide to the good life
  • Run Personal VISIOWEB This baby comes equipped with an internet connection, integrated 19" TV screen, and an iPhone/iPod link.
  • That's a smart phone! Quit twiddling your thumbs on your way to work. Instead, get busy with these mobile phone apps which promise to build your mental muscle
  • Tyred And Tested Brawny engine, strong brakes or auto steering, it all depends on the grip of your car tyre. A four-step buying guide.
R Pallavi
For Sake's Sake
Sakae Sushi at Ambience Mall in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, puts a contemporary spin on an old cultural favourite.
  • Desi goes Overseas If you are tired of hitting the same old joints in Sector V, Salt Lake, Kolkata, there's a hip new place to take your lunch break at.
  • Restaurant review: Elan at The Lodhi in Delhi It plates up beautiful dishes from India, the Meditarranean and Asia amidst a sunny setting of cream and orange interiors.
  • Of Smoke & Spirits Chivas Regal 18 has tied up with Italian automotive design firm Pininfarina to showcase its fine blend of 20 rare Scottish single malts.
Bandhgala goes Global
BT More celebrates important milestones in men's fashion by presenting the most unique products and innovations by top brands over the years.
  • Style in the skies Come June, the cabin crew aboard Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic airline will be seen donning outfits designed by Dame Vivienne Westwood.
  • Trim & Proper: Working the Moustache Angle the hair using a fine-toothed moustache comb. Make sure the moustache is dry, a wet one makes the hair appear longer and you end up cutting more

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