Money Today Archive March 6, 2011 Issue

Edition: March 6, 2011

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Narain Karthikeyan

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Fast cars, horses and boats. Racing tidbits from around the world.
  • Live life vegetable size If it tastes good, spit it out ... and live to 96. At last, a health guru has lived long enough to suggest that he may have been right. But is a spartan diet really the key? Read on
  • Test tube babies Calling all men who've clambered onto the beauty wagon. Here are some products to add to your dresser for the summer months. Smooth cheeks are made of things like these.
  • Manual You've joined the elite rank of collectors. Now display and protect your artworks with the right supports and frame. Susmita Saha tells you how.
  • Taming the wild A walk on the wild side can become the genesis of an endearing bond. We explore some exotic species that make wonderful pets and conversation points. Taming the shrew may be easier than you imagined.
  • Live local, eat global Already blessed with some innovative fine dining options, with the opening of the stylish wine lounge and global cuisine restaurant L'Angoor, the choices have just gotten better for Gurgaon's professional community.
  • Seek and you shall Hyde The world's most expensive apartments are now ready for their occupants.
  • Books that shaped my life Chris George, Founder & CEO, EBS worldwide talks about the books that have influenced his thinking.
  • Track and wield Check the desirability quotient.
  • On the move River cruising is a highly pleasurable and convenient way of seeing the world's greatest cities. Shouldn't miss this boat.
  • A day in apps Life can be messy. Thankfully, iPhone applications are here to help. Here are some apps to see you through the day with reminders, flight trackers and a dog whistle.
  • At the end There are different kinds of love, but they all have the same aim. Possession.
  • The noble swede From the land of the Nobel comes an SUV that's not just stunning but noble too. Vikrant Singh reports.
  • Dandy march It's never too early to prep for the year ahead. The winter chill may just be retreating and spring setting in, but you can begin planning your wardrobe for 2011's fall-winter by checking out the trends at the recent menswear shows in Milan and Paris.
  • Take a swing at Hua Hin A trip to the Thai king's summer retreat, which boasts great courses and white sandy beaches, will charm you with the perfect golf holiday.
  • The linen cabinet Smarten up this summer by celebrating all things linen.

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