Money Today Archive March 9, 2008 Issue

Edition: March 9, 2008

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Simone Battiwala

Fit for the feet

Can a great pair of shoes really enhance your look? What shoes should you wear if you are short or thin or if you are going to a formal dinner or a casual do? Simone Battiwala, manager of Fendi India and a styling and fashion advisor, tells you just that.
  • Made to order Want a shoe that’s created only for your feet? Wake up to the world of bespoke shoes.
  • Be-spoken for Nothing beats a well-crafted Bespoke suit.
  • Lessons in life This fortnight, we feature three books that are very different from each other in approach and writing styles. Yet, they share one thing in common: stories of people and their lives, which are inspirational.
  • What a booty! Join us as we take a look at some of the best boots to add to your wardrobe.
  • Soothing sake It is Japan’s best-known spirit. And like many things Japanese, it’s a great buy.
  • Friday dressing Casual wear doesn’t mean looking shoddy. Try out these smart shoes.
  • Dine out in style Three new places to head to for some soul-stirring music, amazing cocktails and mouth-watering food. What are you waiting for?
  • The star who turned shoemakerDaniel Day-Lewis is quite simply one of the most talented actors alive. What few know is that the reclusive actor took a year off from work in the late 1990s—working as an ‘intern’ to a Florentine master craftsman and learning how to make bespoke shoes.
  • Deconstructing the shoe Have you ever wondered about the different parts that make up your footwear? Here’s presenting the formal shoe—piece by piece.
  • Telling it like it is Since the dawn of filmmaking, the documentary has held its own against its more glamorous sibling, the feature film. We take a look at three hard-hitting examples of the genre.
  • Serious business If you are headed to a board meeting or to sign a business deal, it's time to put on your best formal shoes. Let us help you out with the classiest styles that can adorn your feet.f
  • Golf watchers are different, too All golfers have a natural shape to their shots. You are either a slicer or a hooker (a harmless golfing term used for golfers who shape their shots from right to left on a regular basis).
  • Foot notes Trying on a new shoe? Did you say new? Almost none of the footwear styles in vogue today is less than half-amillennium old.
  • Just arrived A state of the art camera, new fitness equipment, jewellery and even perfumes—there’s a lot of new stuff for you this fortnight.
  • Sole mates The shoes you wear say a lot about you. Which is why choosing the right footwear for different occasions (and even for different times of the day) is an art that needs to be mastered.
  • Every step you take Soon after man learnt how to clothe himself, he focussed his attention on his feet.
  • Shoe gazing Caring for leather shoes is not just about making your footwear look good. It’s also about preserving them and adding to the life of the shoes.
  • Natty at the party Catch the eye at every social do you attend.
  • Hot off the shelves Here’s taking a look at the hottest new entrants in the Indian footwear market who are making waves with their new range of shoes.
  • Remembering Britpop The last great musical movement was also one of the most melodic. Welcome to the sounds of Britpop.
  • Photo mates Before you go on your family vacation this year, you might want to invest in a new digital camera. So, we got three of the latest automatic digital cameras from Canon, Nikon and Sony and dispatched them to renowned fashion photographer and advertising maverick Rohit Chawla for his verdict.
  • It's a Merc The new C220 CDI from Mercedes-Benz is here and, boy, it does fill up your senses when you take it out for a drive!
  • Alsace Cheese, cheer and beer The mountainous terrain of Alsace in France, bordering Germany and Switzerland, has a lot more than just a simple vacation to offer.
  • New world hero Indians, somehow, are still chary about ordering a good Napa wine when they are entertaining. Maybe, it’s because American wines tend to be in short supply and more expensive.

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