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Tips on anger management at workplace

Blow off some Steam

Face it, today's corporate office isn't the most ideal place to remain Mr Cool. Follow thesefive simple steps to avoid going up in an embarrassing blaze of fury on really bad days.
Jimmy Jacob
Canada Calling
If you are wondering which place to visit this summer, here's some fodder for thought. Ever tried Toronto?
  • Flights of fancy Why suffer your way through tedious queues and crabby airport personnel when you can have an entire private jet at your beck and call?
  • Events to look forward to in May 14-25 May - Festival De Cannes is where every true movie lover heads each year.
  • Frequent flier Forget overhyped Grace Bay! Why bother going abroad when TripAdvisor thinks so highly of India as a beach destination?
Eames Lounge & Ottaman furniture
The Eames Lounge & Ottaman has come to India as part of a limited edition collection available exclusively at the Herman Miller store.
    Jimmy Jacob
    Duncan O'Rourke, Chief Operating Officer, Kempinski
    BT More quizzes Duncan O'Rourke, Chief Operating Officer of Kempinski Hotels, on the brand's future plans for India.

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