Money Today Archive May 13, 2012 Issue

Edition: May 13, 2012


R Pallavi

Golf: From weekend pastime to a serious sport

 The country's top golfers tell us how the game keeps them coming back for more.
Anamika Butalia
Adventure sports used to be once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Today, more and more people are turning to them for a regular fix of adrenaline.
  • Goa Grand Hyatt stamps luxury with style The Grand Hyatt in north Goa personalises five-star service and stamps luxury with its signature style. Sprawling across 28 acres of lush verdure along Bambolim Bay, it establishes itself as the latest go-to address in the Sunshine State.
  • The great eastern gamble Macau took a chance on an industry with a distinctly shady history but has come away with a big win. In fact, it is now the gambling capital of the world.
  • Place to visit and upcoming events London's King's Cross station juxtaposes Victorian charm with modern vision.
Piyush Suri
Piyush Suri, Founder-Director, 5By7 Premium Corporate Gifting Company
Don't pick corporate gifts just because they look good. Think about the value your associate will put on them and the message the gift will convey.
Mobius is steeped in design and aesthetics
Mobius at Delhi's Samrat Hotel doesn't just please the palate. The Sky View Bar on top of Dubai's landmark hotel, Burj Al Arab, takes the classic English high tea a notch higher, quite literally.
Summer fashion isn't about dressing down
Summer fashion isn't about dressing down, Gaurav Gupta prepares India Inc for a season in the sun.

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