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Edition: May 15, 2011

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Magandeep Singh

London's iconic old skyline is redolent with charm, history and beauty

Living it up in London

A visit to Ye Olde England is incomplete without a round of one of Europe's most fascinating cities, London. We give you the lowdown on some of its unconventional attractions.
  • Soul survivor Simran Dhaliwal finds out that the only way to lose the stress of working in a big city is to slip away to a resort so private that you have to book the whole place just to go there.
  • Life through a lens You no longer need a mega digital SLR to be able to take pictures that take the breath away.
  • Dizzying delights It boasts of the longest bar in the country and is named after a Colombian druglord. Forget all that because Escobar's alfresco seating with globally infused tapas and cocktails creates just the right dining ambience.
  • Present perfect Till a little while ago 'corporate gifting' was a concept. Today, it's a norm. Here's a holistic list of products which make for perfect gifts.
  • Bottled goodies We bring you seven iconic summer scents for men that rule supreme. Splash on!
  • My stuff Jean-Claude Biver, CEO, Hublot Geneve, loves to take red wine and owns a Mercedes 600CL.
  • Food that helps you sleep right Tired? In dire need of 40 winks? What you ate last night could be the reason for this. Read on as we ask experts how to eat right to sleep tight.
  • Step lightly Don't let the heat bog you down. Get a spring in your step with these funky sneakers and head out in comfort.
  • Books that shaped Paolo Marai's life Paolo Marai, President & CEO, Vertime talks about the books that have made him what he is today.
  • Social mores The new Metropol Parasol is an architectural revelation that has altered the landscape of its city.
  • Track and wield Inspired by Zenith's automatic Captain Line of the 50s, the watch has a streamlined design and is enlarged to its present day size of 40mm.
  • Dublin through books Literature being an integral part of Dublin's everyday landscape, no wonder UNESCO has named it a City of Literature.
  • Taxing times Everyone curses the tax man, but Romanian witches, angry about having to pay up for their practise, recently hurled poisonous mandrake into the Danube River to put a hex on the government.
  • City swingers If you think your neighbourhood golf club is insufferably stuffy, joyless, and over-frequented by pretentious knowit-alls, make your own 'space' and try urban golf.
  • Blue streak The new Passat might look similar and even feel the same, but look closer and it's a brand new car with great tech.

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