Money Today Archive May 18, 2008 Issue

Edition: May 18, 2008

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Look, honey, a motorcycle makeover!

Modifying a bike may cost more than its original price but what you get in return is a stunner with loads of attitude— a mean machine you will be proud of.
  • The Augusta memorabilia Some 200,000 people descend on the Augusta National Golf Club during that one week in April, and the average spend per person on merchandising is said to be about $250-$300.
  • The perfect aperitifs You’ve probably tried Sangria—Spain’s staple punch for party animals. But good Spanish liqueurs are quite something else.We suggest you get your liqueur glasses out.
  • A 'Basque't of Catalan delights When not creating magic on the football field or side-stepping raging bulls in the ring, the Spanish love to eat. Find out why.
  • Some myths about technology If you have a car with ABS, you can brake with all your might and steer the car at the same time—something that would not have been possible in a car without ABS. Air bags also make you safe but can also be lethal. They do not make safer if you aren’t belted in.
  • The boss who loves his single malt We met Moon Bum Shin, MD of LG Electronics in India, over drinks at his favourite haunt in Delhi.And we discovered a whole new fun side to this hard-working and extremely successful Korean.
  • Tech toys for tomorrow Gazing into the crystal ball is, more often than not, a hazardous preoccupation. But when such forecasts are based on information given by the very firms involved in research on gadgets of the future, it’s definitely worth a read.
  • Skewered, succulent and scrumptious Dreaming of those tender kebabs or chicken wings and steaks barbecued on charcoal? Put on your best dress and get behind the wheel. Let us guide you to some of the coolest barbecue joints around.
  • Wanderlust in a neat package Planning a trip and can’t find a place that is perfect? Things have just got easier. Buy this book now.
  • Shaken and stirred It’s a scorcher out there as summer turns on the heat. Time for some cooling drinks? Try these at home, even without expert supervision.
  • Shadow play The big bad city, a femme fatale, a morally ambiguous hero and blazing guns—wrap all this up in a web of shadows and you get the alluring world of Film Noir—one of the great creations of modern cinema. We take a look at some classics that are now available on high quality DVD.
  • Games people play A gaming freak are you? We can see why you will be spending more time jiggling your ‘controller’ in the months to come.
  • All that glitters …May not be gold, but they sure are worth owning. Check out these new launches from the world of luxury.
  • A republic of songs It has been decades since folk songs were a force to reckon with in popular music. Now, they are seeing a huge revival with a clutch of compelling albums from some very “freaky” people. We take a look.
  • A morphed future The world’s largest manufacturer of mobile devices has looked into the crystal ball and seen the future of mobile devices with the ‘Morph’ concept.
  • The two-in-one jacket Scion of the Corneliani family, Cristiano Corneliani explains why their ID Paddock Jacket is an informal piece which can become a formal jacket by detaching a small zipper.
  • Blue jean bop We take a look at some classic styles in jeans.We then take you through two raging denim debates.
  • iPersonal Gadgets make your life easier, otherwise no matter how pretty they look, they’re useless. And this holds true for iPod accessories as well. Here are some nifty personal music accessories that do deliver.
  • Tomorrow's top techs The day is not too far when a personal gadget will tell you if a fruit is clean enough to be consumed and menus will appear on every restaurant’s ‘table screens’. We take a look at some much-talked about future gadget concepts that promise to make your life simpler.
  • At large in Combodia This is the land of the Khmer Rouge and the backdrop of movies like Apocalypse Now. But Cambodia also boasts some of the world’s largest temples. Kushan Mitra went on a magical journey.
  • The making of a durable bond Murgh malai tikka and tangri kebab are heaven-blessed food matches for champagne. Check out the ménage a trois the next time you visit a fancy Indian restaurant— you’ll become an instant convert. But don’t extend the match-making to seekh kebabs.
  • Plugged in How does it feel to go to sleep with a gadget and wake up with…gadgets again? We get a gadget buff to explain.
  • The wired workout A gaming console that measures your BMI, a phone that pushes you to run faster and an armband that stores all fitness data. Your morning workouts are about to get hi-tech.

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