Money Today Archive May 31, 2009 Issue

Edition: May 31, 2009

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Sanjiv Bhattacharya

Freeze the bird

The Snow Grouse takes the trend of frozen whisky to another level. Now if only it would launch this summer…
  • Spanish Conquest We were stunned by the San Ramon’s fruitiness and silky tannins—it’s the kind of wine that pirouettes on your tongue and stays in your memory long after dinner is forgotten.
  • Metro Watch: Catalonia dreaming When it comes to fine wines and degustation menus, the Lodhi Restaurant in Delhi sets a new standard.
  • Metro resort: The antidote Is the Aman effect possible in a throbbing metropolis? Sanjiv Bhattacharya finds out.
  • The books that shaped my life Tarun Katial, the COO of Big FM, has been transformed by Vipassana, Sun Tzu and Asterix.
  • Book review: The kindly ones The French novel is a hallowed institution, where legends like Balzac rub shoulders with Andre Gide and Victor Hugo, to name just a few. Some of the modern novel’s key conventions came from the French, and then there’s the influence.
  • Ask Anurag We play 20 questions with Anurag Kashyap, the director of Dev. D, Black Friday and Gulaal.
  • Music: Act naturally

    U2 try to do too many things on their new album but succeed only when they play it straight.

  • Sound like you know about Formula 1 All you ever wanted to know about racing but were too afraid to ask.
  • The executive consumer Top restaurateur Rahul Akerkar likes things simple, unfussy and elegant.
  • The digital man He lives in the now, in technology’s golden summer, a world in which slick, powerful gadgets complement every aspect of our lives. Whether at home, work or play, Digital Man is on the leading edge—he’s slick, fully-loaded and immaculately informed.
  • Letter from the Editor The best gizmos in class in every department of an executive’s life—at work, at home, chilling out and on the move.
  • Hot stuff From breathe easy tees to chic and stylish eyewear, there’s plenty out there to beat the heat this summer.
  • Deodorants: So fresh and so clean Keep the stink at bay with some great deodorants.
  • Hang loose As the heat mounts, ring out the tight jeans and usher in the loose pyjamas.
  • Lion Heart A Honda that outguns a Benz? You better believe it.
  • Living the dream Between partying with Naomi Campbell and launching his latest Dream Hotel in Cochin, Vikram Chatwal takes time out to talk money, ambition and the private jet he had to sell when the economy collapsed.

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