Money Today Archive May 4, 2008 Issue

Edition: May 4, 2008

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An automatic choice?

Automotic boxes have evolved over the years and at times now, offer even better fuel efficiency than manual gearboxes on the same cars. I am all for automatics in the high density traffic situations where the relief from constantly changing gears is most welcome.
  • Flying high Quite simply, these are the best executive jets money can buy.
  • Memories of another day This fortnight, we bring you two books written in very different styles and in different eras but which deal with ancient cities and talk about a time gone by.
  • Whe(a)tting the appetite Summer is just the right time to sit at the club bar and sip a chilled bottle of wheat beer.
  • As Irish as it gets

    Taste the finest Irish whiskey. But first know a little bit more about them.

  • The cup that cheers Chill out over a cup of your favourite Darjeeling or flavoured ice tea at one of these swanky new tea bars.
  • Dark temptations There are chocolates and there are chocolates. Find out where you get the best chocolates in India and also who makes them.
  • The bad boys Gangsters have always fascinated us. There’s something about the “glamour” and the guts associated with criminals that keep us riveted. We take a look at three new DVDs on gangsters, real and fictional.
  • A gourmet's delight The next time you think exotic food, go Greek.
  • The lure of the green jacket

    The Augusta National Golf Club is a surreal world. Enter the premises from one of the half dozen gates, and you step into a picture-perfect setting where everything works with clockwork precision.

  • Choppers anyone? Making too many short trips on work? A helicopter is what you need. Here’s a look at some of the best models you can buy.
  • A home in the skies Ceri Rocca, vehicle interior stylist and consultant with Design Q, the well-known UK-based aerospace designing firm, tells you how to make the interiors of an aircraft resemble a home or a luxury hotel suite.
  • Wings of desire Late last year, when Mukesh Ambani, the richest resident Indian, bought his wife Nita an Airbus A-319 corporate jet, the world sat up and took notice. At Rs 225 crore, the price tag of this “gift” had everyone gulping. A few months down the line as we sat down to finalise the cover package for this fortnight’s BT More, we realised that dozens of corporate honchos do, in fact, own private jets in India—and their numbers are growing.
  • The Jet setters'club They own some of the best private jets you can imagine. Here’s a look at the biggest names of India Inc. and their private fleets.
  • A share of the pie Not everyone can afford a private jet. So, why not buy a timeshare and fly the aircraft of your choice every time you need to fly?
  • Fashionably yours Some of the world’s favourite brands are here this summer with new stores and new launches. Choose your own style.
  • Buy yourself a microlight Feel like flying? Go right ahead.
  • The great Indian rock Indian rock bands are still evolving. Here we feature four of the best.
  • The perfect wardrobe Gucci is stepping up its presence in India. Find out what’s on offer.
  • The ultimate sound The Wilson Benesch act speakers are worth every bit of their Rs 9,30,000 price tag.
  • Beijing beckons In a few months from now, there will be a million tourists in Beijing watching the Olympic Games. Beat the rush and head to this ancient city now.
  • A wine for your Maharaja Mac The traditional all-time favourite accompaniment to a pizza is a Chianti Classico, an uncomplicated red wine from Tuscany, Italy, whose acidity cuts through the cooked cheese.

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