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Yvette Cardozo

Taking the high road

Long, dark, winding tunnels, high trestles spanning acres of virgin cedar and aspen forests and the beautiful Bitterroot mountains make this cornerof Idaho a biker's paradise
  • Fine tuning

    Finishing schools are no longer the domain of brides-to-be and beauty pageant contestants. Corporates across the country are enrolling for etiquette training. Here's why.

  • Gyms bond

    There are several obvious advantages to setting up a home gym. It's cheaper, the music is under your control, and most importantly, you're in charge! We bring you the ultimate guide to set up the home gym of your choice.

  • Service with a smile

    Four Points in Navi Mumbai targets leisure and business travellers with good room rates, free high-speed internet access and a spa.

  • Surround sound

    The Leela Group's new Delhi property wants to strike the right note with its guests. So it's roped in Ayaan and Amaan Ali Khan to create special music for it that's contemporary as much as it's classic.

  • Manual

    Is your 'better half' something of a man-magnet? Despair not, help is on its way.

  • The Yak trail

    One good road connects Sikkim to the rest of the country. This beautiful state and its people are enveloped in an air of content isolation, and are yet fairly cosmopolitan.

  • Books that shaped my life

    Sharat Dhall, MD, Tripadvisor India, talks about the books that have made him what he is today.

  • Social mores

    Lamborghini's bid to cut down on supercar emissions are centred around a cunning ploy to fight fire with fire. Happily, looks alone can't kill.

  • Track and wield When it comes to buying watches, some people look for functionality, while others want style.
  • Travel as you like

    The places that you would like to visit completely depend on the kind of traveller you are. Keeping this in mind, R Pallavi puts together a pick of the best places to go to for.

  • Pack em-right

    It is no secret that much of the fun of travelling depends on the fine art of packing. No two places are alike, so what you pack should be appropriate, stylish and useful.

  • Flavours of India

    Oberoi Mumbai's Indian restaurant Ziya tweaks tradition, and experiments with cuisines from several regions of the subcontinent. Generous portions and a relaxed ambience make the restaurant a must-try.

  • At the end"There are different kinds of love, but they all have the same aim. Possession."
  • The best whisky bars of India

    Sandeep Arora goes walkabout in North India, and hunts out the best watering holes for discerning tipplers. The first in a series.

  • The eat feats On the extreme fringe of concept dining are these three restaurants that ply you not only with great food, but also the most thrilling experiences.

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