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Prachi Bhuchar

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Presenting the very best in entertainment this November

Presenting the very best in entertainment this November.
    Prachi Bhuchar
    Get a flight upgrade
    Flying economy? While there is no sure-fire way of achieving a bump-up to first class, here are five tips that can help.
      Prachi Bhuchar
      Time for change
      Take a look at the finest timepieces from 2014.
      • Top innovative entries in horology field this year Whoever said a watch is meant to show the time never met one of these babies. Presenting our pick of the top complications that emerged this year.
      • Hardiest timepieces of 2014 Let time be on your side, whether you are diving in the deep sea or spelunking in the gloomiest of caves. A look at the hardiest watches to emerge this year.
      • The future of watchmaking in India What's a timepiece if it doesn't keep up with the times? Sarosh Mody discusses the future of watchmaking with the biggest names in the field.
      Prachi Bhuchar
       Akira Back, JW Marriott hotel, Delhi
      The dishes are fine, elegant and there is nothing extra, either in texture, flavour or look. The menu relies heavily on imported proteins and local greens.
        Prachi Bhuchar
        Precious Time
        If time is as important as they say, shouldn't it be dressed in diamonds? Presenting the best in jewellery watches.

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