Money Today Archive Nov 4, 2007 Issue

Edition: Nov 4, 2007

BT More

Tejaswi Rathore

How to de-stress

It’s never too late to relax and rejuvenate… so let’s begin.
  • What should you eat? What you eat and how you eat are very important. Let’s begin.
  • Work out in style Why settle for anything but the best when sweating it out? Choose from a range of workout options from the best brands in fitness.
  • De-stress, detoxify, relax Suggestions and reflections to help you regain precious balance between health and wealth in your life.
  • All you did not know about peak lapels These lapels are hot this season.
  • Breathe easy suits You don’t really have to sweat over the formal look any more.
  • What's in this season Double-breasted jackets that show off your physique, watches with leather straps, plain white shirts... BT More helps you keep abreast of contemporary fashion.
  • Suits & YouYour body type should define the type of suit you wear.BT Moretells you what suits to wear if you are tall, short or overweight.
  • My fitness mantra Ever wondered how busy CEOs, who maintain 70-hour-plus working weeks, manage to keep fit and beat stress? BT More asked nine really fit CEOs for their fitness secrets. This is how they do it.
  • How to exercise Tired of feeling groggy all day due to a lack of stamina? Don’t know how to get all charged up for that presentation on Friday? Envious of those gym-toned bodies and wondering whether you’ll ever be able to have one? Look no further.
  • Belt-up basics There are belts and there are belts. Here, we tell you what to wear this season.
  • The return of gin cocktailsGin is not very popular in India as a standalone drink. But it remains an ingredient of choice for the discerning cocktailista.
  • Dress up your iPOD Want to get more out of your iconic music player? Get these accessories.
  • A spaceship… A car… It's a BMW 730Ld As sedans go, this is very near the definition of the ‘ultimate car’.
  • For the love of luxury These new products are begging your attention. Across various segments like beauty, wellness and accessories. Take a look… and get your pick.

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