Money Today Archive November 16, 2008 Issue

Edition: November 16, 2008

BT More

Anumeha Chaturvedi

Stunning golf courses

Golf courses are cropping up all over the world, in India especially. So, when it came to picking the five most stunning courses in the world, it wasn’t easy. From a course spanning six centuries in Scotland to one nestled on the coast of the Pacific, these are the five most stunning to our eyes.
  • The rum diaries From toilet soaps to Rum cocktails, Mahesh Madhavan, CEO, Bacardi, found the easy life the hard way.
  • Work hard, party harder It’s not the first book that tells you how to strike a balance between work and play, but it takes a novel approach.
  • Tickled by tequila It’s not just the ‘lick-shoot-suck’ routine that makes this Mexican drink one of the most intriguing in the world of liqueurs.
  • A taste of the south Who says southern cuisine is all about idlis, dosas and sambhar? We take a culinary tour of some of the best southern restaurants in our metros. Anamika Butalia, Tejaswi Shekawat and Anumeha Chaturvedi find out.
  • Road tripping Classic road trip movies are always about discovering yourself. We take a look at two heartfelt films from West Asia, which reinvent the genre to tell tales of love and redemption in times of war.
  • The Bisleri workout Namita Jain is on a mission to get us working out with household props, even though it feels a bit silly. Anumeha Chaturvedi shows up for her first class.
  • If cooks could kill Fugu is a poisonous blowfish that can kill the consumer within hours if cooked wrongly. it is banned in the eu and in Thailand. but in India, it has just arrived on the menu. bt more pays a visit to the first and only licensed fugu chef in the country.
  • Making of boulder hills How 192 acres of rugged boulder country in Hyderabad were transformed into a championship golf course.
  • Towards a greener green Golf may be one of the oldest games around, but course design is transforming with every passing decade.
  • The dragon slayer Vijay Singh is said to be the grinder in golf but the word now is that Liang works up as much sweat, if not a couple of ounces more.
  • The homemaker Nothing says more about you than your home, but it’s sometimes difficult to translate your dreams into reality. We caught up with interior designer Vinita Chaitanya to get the ABCD of making your home feel like you.
  • Just arrived From exquisite bracelets to Ferrari watches to designer glares. Check out what’s hot in the world of luxury this fortnight.
  • A century on wheels It could only do 70 kmph and had to be driven in reverse when climbing a steep hill, but the Ford T, celebrating its centenary this year, brought about an automotive revolution. In the year of the Nano, we take a look at the world’s first mass produced and ‘affordable’ car.
  • Forging ahead As jazz continues to evolve, it is increasingly being influenced by master instrumentalists fearless enough to forge a distinct path independent of genres.
  • Hot shots Now that the wintry winds are blowing, we retire to a pub which oozes irish charm and look at formal wear which will keep you looking hot no matter how much the temperature plummets.
  • Form over function Just because a bike looks fast, doesn’t mean it is. But that’s not to say that looks don’t count.
  • The last kingdom In the midst of the Himalayas, South Asia’s last kingdom has withstood the test of time to preserve its stunning natural beauty. Supriya Newar discovers Bhutan.
  • Playboy turns wine Aficionado The labels should bring life back into the business of quaffing wine. Imagine describing a wine as blonde, blueeyed and busty! Definitely better than evoking the glories of obscure names sommeliers drop.

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