Money Today Archive November 8, 2015 Issue

Edition: November 8, 2015


Saurav Bhanot

Samrath Bedi, Executive Director, Forest Essentials India

"Understand your brand and stay true to it"

Samrath Bedi, Executive Director, Forest Essentials India, talks to BT More about the brand's ethos, journey so far and what it takes to become an entrepreneur in a crowded marketplace.
Srishti Jha
David Lau, GM of Singapore Airlines, India
David Lau, GM of Singapore Airlines, India, on luxury travel, the Indian business class traveller and why the world loves India.
Team BT
Top Shop
From fashion to gadgets, the best things money can buy
    Ajay Shetty
    Top five wine myths debunked
    The plethora of unquestioned truths concerning how wine should be enjoyed and its effects on those who dare to indulge in it still plague the contemporary wine-drinkers.
    • Eat well to stay in top form Here's how you can follow a diet plan that's simple and completely balanced.
    • Top of the line Simply Sushi comprises a small island which works as an open kitchen, with comfortable stools placed along it for easy dining.
    • Dude Food While Holy Smoke does not look impressive at first glance and is almost like a warehouse space with minimal decor, the food elevates its status.

    BT Guest Columnist
    Rule of ten
    The most multi-purpose of all casual wear, polo t-shirts go with jeans, linen pants and trousers with complete ease.

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