Money Today Archive October 2, 2011 Issue

Edition: October 2, 2011

BT More

A futuristic looking bandhgala suit.

Style tips by Rohit Gandhi and Rohit Gandhi

Designers Rohit Gandhi & Rahul Khanna are known for their immaculate pret creations that make a bold and arresting fashion statement. BT More speaks to them to get you style tips that are sure to make you stand out this festive season.
  • The Kyoto Protocol Tradition and protocol carry great weight in Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan. Trace the history and enjoy the hospitality of a culturally superior city.
  • Manual Writing may be one of the toughest mental exercises, publishing is a tad easier
  • At the end Sanjay Kapoor, Managing Director, Genesis Luxury shares his favourite stuff.
  • Click to the checkout counter When it comes to shopping, most men prefer to skip the song-and-dance routine and go straight to checkout. The ease of use maxim behind online portals has lead to a surge in the trend.
  • Seeking worldly pleasures Gurgaon's new fine-dining restaurant, Ummami, binds in its calm, contemporary ambience the flavours of the world. At Mumbai's sea-facing restaurant,Amadeus, Spanish cuisine meets Levantine in an experience that's anything but plain.
  • Social mores Fall asleep to a ticking lullaby within the treasure trove of time that is the L'O Hotel.
  • Track and wield Check the desirability quotient of new products launched: i2i charis, Corneliani cufflinks, Woodland Autumn, Victorinox Eiffel Bag, Zippo's Peterson pipe gift set
  • On the move Spread across thousands of kilometres, Tasmanian waterways are a hotspot for kayaking enthusiasts from across the globe.
  • Dapper by design BT More picks some of the finest hotels around the world that are designed by iconic fashion labels and celebrated couturiers. If you love their suits, chances are you will like their suites as well.
  • In his shoes Begone boring black and brown leather. Fashion forward footgear experiments with shapes, colours and textures. BT More takes you toe to toe with the trend.
  • Let the games begin Cheer on a game of beer pong or tee off as you knock back a single malt. Sports bars across the country are no longer just idle spots to grab a drink and watch the game.

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