Money Today Archive October 5, 2008 Issue

Edition: October 5, 2008

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Six champagnes to have before you die

The Prices may test the weak-hearted, but these bottles are about as good as they get. And every one comes with lore attached. Cheers!
  • Know your bubbles To properly enjoy a champagne lifestyle, it helps to get the basics right first. Our resident expert, Sourish Bhattacharyya, has this brief tutorial. Are you sitting comfortably?
  • A matter of estates They were once overpriced and boringly designed, now they’re trendy, utilitarian and even sporty. It’s time to take another look at the estate.
  • The changeling Worried that the stiffness of your suit and tie will prevent you from going to the party in the evening? welcome to the world of the versatile wardrobe.
  • All hail the sunday brunch It’s the king of all meals. It’s the pinnacle of your weekend. We check out the best Sunday brunches that our metros have to offer.
  • On the boyle In the Nineties, British director Danny Boyle re-invented the cult movie. In this decade, he seems to be doing the same with Sci-Fi. We take a look at two of his films now available on DVD.
  • Brand new buys From luxury gizmos to exquisite tableware, there are a lot of goodies in the stores to tantalise you this fortnight.
  • More champagne! Champagne punctuates the happiest occasions in our lives, and it’s arriving in India in a big way. In this special feature, we show you how to truly appreciate the beauty of bubbly.
  • Autumn sonatas Many legendary musicians are also adept at scoring haunting and intriguing movie soundtracks. This has been an unusually good year for such outings.We take a look at a couple of them.
  • The world down under The great barrier reef is not a holiday for the fainthearted. but if you want to kiss a stingray and swim with a turtle, it’s the only place in the world.
  • Power play Come 2009 and there will be a flurry of new motorcycle launches with two things in common—gut-wrenching power and a hefty price tag... We put these beasts through their paces so you will know what’s the right fit.
  • The joys of a cold meal There’s a new trend in oriental salads, but the best stuff is off the menu.
  • The kebab route You’ve heard of the Silk Route and the Incense Road. We take you on an altogether meatier journey of discovery.
  • Fox in the box When India’s football team qualified for the Asia Cup for the first time in 25 years, it marked a career high for the captain, Bhaichung Bhutia. We ask him about success, heroes and his lucky number 15.
  • Artistic asanas Kareena Kapoor swears by it and so does Bipisha Basu. What is it about Artistic Yoga that has these celebrities hooked? We decided to check it out for ourselves.
  • Vijay Singh is king The two Singhs played together at the Masters last year. While Jeev fought hard to put up a good number, Vijay showed why he is one of the best players in the world.
  • The holy grail of wine With the new global cuisine breaking the psychological barriers, the business of wine and food pairing promises to unravel in its own unique way.
  • Tipple all the way We met Abhishek Khaitan, the MD of the liquor giant Radico Khaitan, for a chat, and discovered a cheerful young man who is having a lot of fun with spirits, music and cars as he builds an empire to be proud of.
  • A matter of estates They were once overpriced and boringly designed, now they’re trendy, utilitarian and even sporty. It’s time to take another look at the estate.

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