Money Today Archive October 7, 2007 Issue

Edition: October 7, 2007

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By Bibek Bhattacharya

The Apple iPhone: It's all in the touch

Apple's iPhone is considered to be the ultimate device ever made. It is already being called a game changer in the mobile phone space. Bibek Bhattacharya laid his hands on one and brings you this review.
  • 'Attitude in my phones' Nokia’s Senior Design Manager Silas Grant, responsible for designing Nokia’s latest fashion phones, the 7500 and 7900, speaks to us.
  • Teeing off from home Swimming pools, jogging tracks and clubhouses are passé. Investing in plush residential complexes built around golf courses is the latest fad among the rich and the famous. We bring you a menu of choices.
  • Make mine an exotic Cocktails today have to try very hard to impress your palate and surprise it. Here are a few exotic ones that will challenge your taste buds.
  • Know your canines Pooches have been man’s best friend. Here we tell you how to care for some of those rare dogs, the dos and don’ts, and much more.
  • Globetrotting on a budget Planning a trip abroad? We tell you how to plan your visit, on a budget of $200 per day for a couple, to six cities around the world.
  • The all-in-one camera guide Modern digital cameras can confuse all but the most knowledgeable. We guide you through the minefield of jargon and specs and tells you what to look for in these machines.

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