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Basic steps into your footcare routine

Basic steps into your footcare routine

Your feet bear the brunt of your weight, and are susceptible to everything from calluses to athlete's foot, so why don't you pamper them every once in a while?
Frequent Flier
Are you a frequent flier? BT More gives you tips on best airlines, tourist destinations, travel apps and more happenings in the world of tourism.
Breguet's Tourbillon QP 3797BR
The classique Tourbillon QP 3797BR from Breguet effects an intuitive display of indications without compromising on its inherent charm.
  • Top 4 beach products BT More brings you the top beach products to buy for a relaxing sea-side evening or coastal vacation.
Tips to avoid nausea in the gym
Avoid redecorating the gym walls by using these handy tips befor your workouts.
Straight jacket
I believe jackets are an essential that every man should have in his wardrobe, whatever may be his lifestyle, says designer Giorgio Armani.

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