Money Today Archive Sep 16, 2012 Issue

Edition: Sep 16, 2012


Ranjit Madhavji

How to restore old photographs

Photographer Ranjit Madhavji shares tips on restoring and preserving old images and film.
    Pierre Mario Fitter
    South Africa isn't just about Sun City and Kruger National Park. Here's why the 'Garden Route' should also be on your list.
    • Places to visit before they vanish Prioritise your travel list in favour of here-today-gone-tomorrow destinations.
    • What swine flu means for global travellers New research shows swine flu was far deadlier than we first thought. What does this mean for global travellers?
    • Movements The Swiss watch fairs of 2012 have been abuzz with astronomical dials, chimes that run on acoustic physics and new discoveries in the mechanic dynamism of precious metals. Let's take a look at the movements that put the watchmakers' scientific and artistic abilities to test.
    • Showstoppers from recent Swiss watch shows Some believe that time as we know it would end in the year 2012. Instead, we now see it continuing to be redefined by the masters of haute horology.

    R Pallavi and Hitani Kaur
    Vacheron Constantin
    In the watchmaking universe, exclusivity comes in the name of Limited Edition series. An ode to excellence, these watches are the crowning glory of their brands.
    Once a preserve of deep pockets and deeper cellars, wine collecting has caught up with a younger generation.
    Colours and themes for spring and summer of 2013
    While cuts and lines are still being discussed and debated, the colours seem to have been decided.
    • In Vogue Diamond bracelets are passe and fashion circuits are abuzz with couture watches. Here's a look.

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