Money Today Archive Sept 9, 2007 Issue

Edition: Sept 9, 2007

BT More

By Tejaswi Rathore

Six yards of power

As an attire, it’s 5,000 years old and yet the most versatile piece of clothing in a woman’s wardrobe. Here’s how you can make the saree work for you in the corporate corridors and party circuit.
  • Do-Little Secrets It is a misconception that good food takes a long time to cook. here, we present a few recipes from master chefs— Sanjeev Kapoor, Ritu Dalmia and Siddharth—that you can impress your guests with, without spending hours in the kitchen. Bon appétit!
  • Gadget for girls Very few manufacturers will say that a device is meant specifically for women; that might drive the male customers away. But it’s a fact that they are making devices with women buyers in mind. Kushan Mitra sifted through several products and zeroed in on some that seem made for women on the go.
  • Accessorise Yourself Getting into the right outfit is just the first step to looking and feeling good. You need to get the right accessories to add the extra
    punch to your looks.
  • Sanjeev Kapoor on fast food Sanjeev Kapoor writes on food that can be cooked fast, while at the same time retain its taste, texture and nutritive content
  • Designer, not duds Don’t despair at the high prices of “designer” clothes. You can still buy the genuine stuff at steep discounts to their regular prices.
  • Step out in style Finding the right balance between style and comfort is always a personal call. When it comes to shoes, some prefer comfort over cuttingedge style while others go to any length to appear like a barometer of contemporary styles.
  • The best frequent flyer programmes Some airlines reward loyalty more than others. Here, we highlight two programmes that give you the maximum benefits.
  • Fastest on four wheels Cars that fly like the wind are now available here. If you are a speed fiend, here are four cars for you.
  • Exotic eateries Tired of the usual sweet and sour prawns, the tandoori chickens and the green and red curries that most restaurants seem to specialise in? We bring you an illustrative list of restaurants that serve food you are unlikely to get in too many other places.
  • Guest Column: Ron Dayan Your home should be in harmony with nature.
  • 9 steps to a designer home Confused about how exactly to do up your new house? Grappling with millions of suggestions from friends? Envious of photographs of homes of the rich and famous? Look no further. BT More tells you how to go about it in a few simple steps.

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