Money Today Archive September 19, 2010 Issue

Edition: September 19, 2010

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Rugged watches

From gold to titanium, moon dust to ceramic, watches have gotten bigger, stronger and better. Going diving or flying a plane, these timepieces will show you the way.
  • Watches: More for less Time to get skinted-minted. Amped up with just the right amount of style and substance, here are some watches that are trendy, souped up with technical-finesse and, yet, don't burn a hole in your wallet.
  • Complicated watches From flying tourbillons to movements that offset gravitational effects, these timepieces promise precision powered by the complex dynamics of technology. Brace yourself for a whole different level of mechanical ingenuity.
  • Tock of the town A BT Special on watches of all times.
  • A cuppa in your food Is tea the new wine? A quirky new phenomena is emerging in the culinary arts with tea playing a crucial part in the preparation of some truly fine food. We take a look at how its done.
  • Curious case of the 5 GT BMW is renowned for clubbing disparate cars together, but the 5-series Gran Turismo really pushes the envelope with its large size, smooth handling and oodles of power. Check it out.
  • Track and wield Check the desirability quotient.
  • Social mores The things that are nice to know.
  • Do it yourself guide Learn how to do daily things on your own.
  • The best greens Whether you are a diehard golf junkie or a rookie, teeing-off at India's most unique golf courses with vast stretches of pristine green is something to die for.
  • Bridging divides The architectural excellence of these bridges expresses their creators' abstract ideas in a language of concrete and steel. Knowing which bridge to cross and which to burn was never easier. Here's shining a spotlight on their anatomy.
  • My stuff Raynald Aeschlimann, VP & International Director of Sales, Retail & Distribution, Omega.
  • Classic watches There was a return to elegance this year. Complications were cleanly hidden underneath dials that were smart and sparse. Here's a look at chronographs that will become an instant classic.

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