Money Today Archive September 20, 2009 Issue

Edition: September 20, 2009

BT More

Bibek Bhattacharya

Suits: Italian job

As Autumn/Winter collections make their way to the stores, we take a look at two distinctly Italian styles that are coming your way.
  • Grooming: The quick fix Why can’t you get a decent haircut in India and what is Looks Salon in Delhi going to do about it?
  • Launchpad: What's new in your world Your mini-magazine at the front with everything you need this month, including festive buys, playing with The Beatles, the hidden Sherlock Holmes, Durga Puja and Lewis Hamilton’s cricket skills...
  • Fresh off the shelf From Louis Vuitton luggage to chic glam glasses, take your pick from these brand new buys.
  • Mr Hamilton will see you now On a flying visit to Delhi, F1 superstar Lewis Hamilton sits down with us to talk about hanging out with Yuvraj and sleeping through Delhi traffic.
  • Yoga: The heat is on The cult of Bikram, having conquered Hollywood, has now come home to India. It’s time to turn up the temperature…
  • Oh Samui! Thailand’s most famous holiday island is teeming with great luxury resorts. We thought we’d test drive a couple.
  • The suite deal Where to stay in Bangkok if you’ve only got a few days.
  • Letter from the Editor Friends, Readers, Countrymen! Listen up — I don’t have much time. You see, this is my last issue of MORE, my final hour in the editor’s chair, and I have much to tell you before I depart from these pages, and your lives, once and for all.
  • A heady mix A cocktail is much more than just a drink. It is the by-word for well-being; for a warm, fuzzy, happy feeling.
  • Cocktail kits and glasses If you’re serious about making cocktails at home, you’re going to need some apparatus.
  • Raising the bar The fun part of building a cocktail bar is buying all the ingredients—the liquor, the lemons and the limes. And that’s just the Ls...
  • Time for a cocktail There are more cocktails in the world than there are days in a year. So, we got some of the hottest bartenders to come up with the best. Enjoy!
  • Bar talk If you can’t be bothered mixing them yourself, here are the best bars to go to.
  • Q&A with Tanushree Dutta Since winning Miss India-Universe in 2004, Tanushree Dutta (26) has moved to Mumbai and into the realm of cinema. This Bong beauty has been single for over a year.
  • Panning for gold The pan-Asian restaurant can be notoriously a hit or miss. How does 19 Oriental Avenue at the Shangri-La shape up?
  • Fancy some bull's blood? Sangre de Toro owes its name, which means ‘bull’s blood’, to its robust colour. It’s hard to find a young wine looking so definitively red.

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