Money Today Archive September 21, 2008 Issue

Edition: September 21, 2008

BT More

Sourish Bhattacharyya

Vinegar and vanity

The Billionaire’s Vinegar is a cautionary tale for all those who have the money to throw away on wine they wouldn’t ever be able to drink.
  • Home box office Box office Home Theatres in a Box, or HTIBs as they are called, are not necessarily the best home sound systems. But they certainly are the easiest to set up. We try two new systems from LG and Sony.
  • Mr olive turns japanese After a bumpy ride, A.D. Singh is on the verge of expanding his restaurant portfolio. But he’s not taking the easy route.
  • Into the wild The adventure tourism industry is booming for the new executive class in India. To find out why, BT More puts on its helmet and knee pads and heads out into the wild.
  • BMW’S bachelor MD Hasn’t stopped travelling since his stint in nato 20 years ago. kushan mitra pinned him down for dinner at delhi’s popular smokehouse grill.
  • Fun on the sly A beautiful woman, an exiled beauty. A jet-setting call girl and a stunning baroness. Get these two new books, now on the shelves and have a laughter-filled read.
  • Up close with the gaja heiress Gaia Gaja, the beautiful daughter of Angelo Gaja and the fifth-generation owner of 250 acres of family winery, tells us about two spirits close to her heart—the Gaia & Rey Sauvignon Blanc, named after her and her grandmother and the grappa, Italy’s best-known liqueur, which can warm you up even on an icy cold evening.
  • The speed breaker brett lee This 31-year-old needs little by way of an introduction. One of the very few truly express bowlers in modern cricket, he often touches 160 kmph.
  • The new smart casual You want great food without the stiffness, a place you can hang out and relax? There are two great new options in Delhi and Mumbai.
  • The cocktail maker Ankit Negandhi, winner of the 2008 ‘Smartest Bartender of the World’ award at the Bacardi Martini Grand Prix in Rome, tells us a few tricks about mixing a mean cocktail, getting the home bar in order and setting the mood for the evening when hosting a high-profile do at home.
  • A nation of the mind Movies set in India are nothing new. Nor are movies that chart a spiritual quest. But the best of both genres requires a distinctive vision to succeed. We look at two movies just out on DVD, which do exactly that.
  • Let’s twist again Master chef hemant oberoi has been producing indian cuisine with a twist for years. at varq, he takes it up a notch. kushan mitra experiences the magic.
  • When Jeev was ‘Bindra-ed’ A young shooter literally fires the hearts and minds of a nation with his performance at the Beijing Games. And at the same time, halfway across the world in Michigan, a not-as-young man accomplishes what no other Indian golfer has done before. Both men happen to be Chandigarh-ites.
  • Let good scents prevail Stay fresh and fragrant with these cool deo sprays that promise to stay with you all day long.
  • Splurge! Take your pick from the hottest new launches in jewellery, apparel, gizmos and much more.
  • On air You thought radio was an outdated format? We take a look at two of modern radio’s best rock ‘n’ roll shows and tell you where to hear them.
  • Strike a pose Women’s style is the index with which we judge trends in fashion.With fashions changing all the time, how do you dress stylishly without being a slave to fashion? Check out these six looks.
  • An SUV for the city The Audi Q5 is great in cities and on highways, but don’t go off-road with it.

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